If you’re a fan of Red Velvet (the kpop group), then you have definitely heard of Amuse before – because their brand model is Seulgi! Based in Seoul, they’re a fairly new beauty brand that’s all about clean, vegan formulas (certified by Eye Vegan), sustainability, and well as unique colours that bring happiness and good vibes.

I was originally introduced to Amuse through StyleKorean‘s recommendation, as they’ve started to stock a huge range of their products. After that, I took my time painstakingly deciding what I wanted to try, because I was essentially keen on everything.. but I think I made some great choices!

Read on to see some of the different formulations by Amuse, including their Eye Vegan Sheer Palette, Blush Kit and Dew Velvet Lip Tint. I also have a review of their cushions coming soon, but I wanted to keep those separate. Check out StyleKorean to shop their entire rane but before you do, let’s get into this post.

Eye Vegan Sheer Palette

Featuring a vegan and cruelty free formula, the Eye Vegan Sheer Palette has six light, blendable shades and a splash of sparkling glitters. The glitter shades purposefully have a sheer or clear base, so that it can suit a wider range of skin tones. It also easy to blend and layer over other shades.

Amuse carries four different colour variations. The original two versions (Sheer Nude and Sheer Pink) uses glitters in all six shades, but the newer versions that I will be reviewing (Sheer Peach and Sheer Lavender), have responded to community reviews by introducing a matte formula.

These palette also has three different textures – milky matte, sheer matte (or a matte with glitter sparkles) and sheer glitter. The colour stories are also ‘low-saturation’ and fairly natural, making it easy to use even for make up beginners. It also claims to have a ‘moist microfiber formulation’, allowing for better adherence and fit to the eyes.

These palettes are currently available for USD$29 on the StyleKorean website (with the full price of USD$34.80).

The palettes come in a reflective silver case. I like the simple typography print and the squared shape – it actually makes it really easy to store, even when you have way too many palettes like me. It’s fairly unique but does have it’s down sides: the colour variation isn’t clear until you read the text, meaning I’m often opening them up to find I picked up the wrong palette; it’s also prone to finger prints, but can be easily wiped down.

Quality wise, the case is made from a decently sturdy plastic. It’s lightweight and has a click closure that’s both secure and not too difficult to open. I also like the plastic sheet that they put inside – the quality is thicker than a lot of other palettes and it has a cute little print.

NOTE: All of these products also come in a simple white unit carton. I didn’t end up photographing them because they’re very basic – so there isn’t much to comment about. However, I don’t think that will be an issue. It’s nice that more of the cost is put into the formulation and actual case, as opposed to a disposable box.

Sheer Lavender

Recommended for cool tones, the Sheer Lavender variation is described as “a light shade of lavender with pink mauve added to a soft lilac base”. Shades include:

  • Milky Lavender (Milky Matte): A soft, bright lavender base
  • Glitter Pops (Transparent Glitter): Purple, green, gold and blue toned highlight glitters
  • Glitter Lavender (Transparent Glitter): Silver and pink-opal glitter
  • Milky Mauve (Milky Matte): A calm, medium mauve
  • Milky Shadow (Milky Matte): Muted gray-brown shades
  • Sheer Cacao (Sheer Matte): Gray/deep brown shade with silver glitter

See my colour swatches below!

Sheer Peach

Sheer Peach, which also also a new variation and advertised as Seulgi’s pick, is recommended for warm tones and is described as “a light peach colour with pink coral added to an apricot base”. Shades include:

  • Milky Peach (Milky Matte): An apricot-coloured base with a pinch of bright pink
  • Glitter Peach (Transparent Glitter): Pinkish-gold glitter shade
  • Glitter Swan (Transparent Glitter): Saturated peach-gold glitter
  • Milky Rose (Milky Matte): Medium rose-coral shade
  • Milky Brownie (Milky Matte): Milky mocha brown shade
  • Sheer Chocolate (Sheer Matte): Chocolate brown with pink and gold glitter

See my colour swatches below!

Overall, I enjoy using both of the Eye Vegan Sheer Palettes but I don’t actually reach for them that often as the light to medium shades are a bit too pale on me. The colour variance is obvious in swatches but, due to the sheer formula, lighter colours don’t have enough distinction once it’s on the eye.

Generally, I’ll use one of the lighter shades all over the lid, with the dark brown for my outer crease and then apply one of the sparkle shades. The resulting look is really pretty, but it can be limiting. As it is, I feel like I can only achieve one or two looks with the palette (with the only visible variance being my choice of glitter). The colour stories are pretty, but I think that they would benefit from deepening one of the lighter shades.

The resulting look from these palettes is light and natural – I like it but I’m also conscious that I’m quite pale as it is. I would only recommend these palettes for people who have a similar skin tone to me.

Blush Starter Kit

If you like cream blushes and soft, rosy cheeks then you may be interested in the Blush Starter Kit. This actually features four of the bestselling shades from their Soft Cream Cheek formula (this one is not available at StyleKorean yet but I will aim to update this post when it is) – this includes a mix of cream and pearl blush shades, which is pretty fun to experiment with!

According to the product description, these have a creamy texture with clear, colour pigment – upon application, this leaves a velvety finish that adhere’s well to the skin. This is a good option for people with dry to normal skin type, as well as those who travel often as this kit includes compact sizes (around 2g each), not the full size product.

This kit is currently USD$34 on the StyleKorean website (with the full price of USD$40.80)

As you can see above, the blushes in this starter kit come in small, frosted plastic tubes. It has a doe foot applicator (which is simplified from the regular product’s star shaped applicator), which you can use to apply either directly to your cheek or onto the back of your hand. I like that these are made from a clear material, so it’s easy to pick out the shade you want to wear, and the compact size means that I can easily carry them in my make up bag.

This Blush Starter Kit has four shades, including:

  • 10 Sprinkles (Pearl): Bright strawberry pink with gold shimmer
  • 13 Peach Tan (Cream): Warm peach-orange
  • 32 Pink Toast (Cream): Muted red-toned pink
  • 63 Shimmer Marmalade (Pearl): Vibrant orange with gold shimmer
Left to right: 10 Sprinkles (Pearl), 13 Peach Tan (Cream), 32 Pink Toast (Cream) and 63 Shimmer Marmalade (Pearl)

I have been getting really into cream blushes lately so I was super excited to try these out. I find that my skin has changed a lot in the past two years and that dewier formulas tend to work better for me. This blush kit includes some beautiful shades, and I tend to rotate them to match the rest of my make up.

The formula is very creamy and ridiculously easy to blend – I dot the product right onto my cheeks and then just blend it in with my fingertips for the perfect flush. Since I like my make up to be a little darker, I sometimes layer the product (or even two different shades) to customise my look. I’m honestly obsessed with how these apply and also how seamlessly it blends into my base make up – I haven’t reached for a different product since I started using these.

Formula wise, I definitely rate these! However, I have to note that they are also very expensive for the size. A little goes a long way and I think I’ll be able to get quite a lot of use from them, but the tubes are very small – even though the kit is a good opportunity to try different shades, it’s expensive when compared with other k-beauty blushes. If I were to repurchase these, I would most likely wait for the full sizes to come to StyleKorean.

Dew Velvet

And, of course, I can’t possibly test drive a new k-beauty brand without trying out their lip products as well. StyleKorean actually stocks four different lip formulas (including the Vegan Green Lip Balm, Chou Velvet and Dew Tint). Since I’m new to the brand, I wanted to explore something different, so I decided to get my hands on a bunch of the Dew Velvets to try out.

This product claims to be ‘Dewy inside, velvet outside’. It is said that it “breaks the preconceptions of velvet” through using a 40% high moisture formula with a semi-opaque, velvet finish – which is really interesting. They are currently USD$18.90 on StyleKorean (full priced at USD$27).

The Dew Velvets are available in ten shades, and I was able to get my hand on five of them (marked below):

  • 01 Boksoonga Blossom: Soft Peach for Neutral Skin Tones
  • 02 Salgoo: Apricot Coral for Warm Skin Tones
  • 03 Hibiscus: Ruby Pink for Cool Skin Tones*
  • 04 Juice: Grapefruit Orange for Warm Skin Tones*
  • 05 Seouler: Apricot Nude for Neutral Skin Tones
  • 06 Lively Rose: Salmon Rose for Warm Skin Tones*
  • 07 Jazz: Red Beige for Warm Skin Tones*
  • 08 Berry Velvet: Mauve Rose for Cool Skin Tones*
  • 09 Taro: Mauve Peach for Cool Skin Tones
  • 10 Rose Boksoonga: Rose Peach for Warm Skin Tones

The packaging for the Dew Velvets are really pretty! They come in a frosted pink tube with a squared shape, making them easy to store and stack. I like that there is consistency with the packaging of the Dew Tints, and that the semi-opaque plastic makes it easy to see which shade you’re picking up. It’s definitely very collectible!

Opening it up, the product has a flat paddle applicator. This is pretty good for thinner formulas, as it allows you to apply over a large area and minimise streaking. Since the tint has a sheer pigmentation, I also like to layer up the product for a stronger vibrancy.

Left to Right: 03 Hibiscus and 04 Juice
Left to Right: 06 Lively Rose and 07 Jazz
Left to Right: 08 Berry Velvet and Arm swatches (03 Hibiscus, 04 Juice, 06 Lively Rose, 07 Jazz, 08 Berry Velvet)

I honestly thought that this formula was really interesting – I’d never tried anything that was both a water tint and a velvet finish – and I like how it looks on my lips! The sheer pigmentation means that it may look different depending on the person (your base lip colour, how many layers you’re wearing etc), so the official swatches weren’t the most accurate for me. I’m still happy with my shade selections though and I think 03 Hibiscus and 08 Berry Velvet are my personal favourites.

The Dew Velvets are really lightweight on the lips and feel like pretty much nothing when it’s on. I don’t think I would consider them ‘moisturising’, but they don’t really dry out the lips either and they have a soft, comfortable finish. I got so many compliments when I first started wearing these! I think they’re really great for ‘no make up looks’ as you can keep the pigmentation very sheer.

I would definitely be recommending these ones – they’re very unique to Amuse and I think they’re a stand out product.

Have you tried anything from Amuse yet? Head on over to StyleKorean to satisfy your curiosity on these new vegan k-beauty make up brand. The Dew Velvets are my favourite so far with the Blush Starter Kit coming in a close second. I’ll be working on trailing their cushion foundations next so stay tuned!

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