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New products and deliveries are always so exciting for me – so yes, I was super keen when this package from Stylevana arrived. I was starting to feel overwhelmed for a while but since pulling back on my spending and on some PR in the past few months, it’s given me more of a chance to enjoy what I do (and work at my own pace).

This haul is a new collaboration for me! Stylevana is an online store that specialises in Asian beauty – they carry products from Korea, Japan and even Taiwan. The latter two are less talked about because they’re harder to access online, so I’m glad that there’s a new source for them! Aside from the big range of products, Stylevana also offers free shipping for orders over USD$55.

From now until the end of November, you can also get 10-15% off your order with my code INF10STELLAR (excluding weekend deals and instant offers since they are already on sale).

So, read on if you’re keen to see what I received! I’ll be putting my initial thoughts into this post rather that full on reviews (especially for the Logically, Skin Serum) since I think that I’ll need to use that much more extensively to give proper insight. Here goes!

Stylevana KBeauty Review Jigott Real Ampoule Mask, Frudia Blueberry Hydration Mask, Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, Logically Skin Aquatide Resurface Serum, Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette

Stylevana KBeauty Review Jigott Real Ampoule Mask

Vitamin Real Ampoule Mask (Jigott) | USD$0.99

Sheet masks are a great daily essential and, of course, even better when they’re super affordable too. They come in a number different variants for different skin concerns, such as Vitamin, Pomegranate, Collagen, Placenta, Pearl, Camellia, Aloe, Caviar, Green Tea, Lotus Flower, Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, Black Snail, Potato or Red Ginseng.

This is the Vitamin Real Ampoule Mask – which is great since it’s what I generally lean towards. It claims to moisturise and nourish skin with the use of tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), as well as pomegranate, mulberry, sea buckthorn and soy bean phytoplacenta extract.

Stylevana KBeauty Review Jigott Real Ampoule Mask

For the price point – I really like this sheet mask. The packaging quality is quite basic (foil package with a fairly standard design too) but it works really well. The sheet mask has an almost fabric-paper feel so it doesn’t hug the facial contours that well, but it is so highly saturated that the mask just clings. I didn’t really had issues with it slipping, but it took me some adjustment on first application.

I left the mask on for around 25-30 minutes I think, exceeding the recommended time slightly, but the mask was still quite wet. It mostly dried around my mouth and nose area. There’s also a lot of left over essence in the package if you want to use that.

Results wise – I was surprised! There was an immediate brightening effect to my complexion and my skin felt really moisturised too. There isn’t much of a residue left but your skin is left with that ‘nourished’ feeling – which would probably be best for people with dry to combination skin. It might feel a bit heavy for oily skin.

I personally think that this would be a good mask to start your day off with (or use it while you work from home – I do that all the time).

The main downside would be that the Vitamin mask has a fairly strong lemon scent. I personally like it but I know that others might think it smells like a bathroom (haha) – this will be dependent on the variant that you choose to use too. Just be cautious if you are sensitive to scents in general.


A vitamin sheet mask for moisture and nourishing


  • PRICE POINT | 5/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • ADHERENCE | 4/5
  • FIT | 3/5


THOUGHTS? This mask mostly lost points on the fit and packaging – but even then, they are on par with standards. The main draw for this mask would definitely be the price point and the effectiveness. I’m not sure if longer term use would show more dramatic results, but I enjoyed the immediate application.

Stylevana KBeauty Review Frudia Blueberry Hydration Mask

Blueberry Hydration Mask (Frudia) | USD$1.60 each (USD$8.99 for a pack of 5)

The second mask, which is just a bit more expensive but still quite affordable, is the Blueberry Hydrating Mask. This also comes in a number of different varieties – Citrus, Pomegranate and Avocado are available on Stylevana, as well as this version.

This Blueberry Hydrating Mask is, as you guessed it, focused on hydration. It contains 55% natural Blueberry cream to provide ample moisture to a dry complexion. In addition to this, it has a ‘natural botanical sheet mask’, which is:

  • Made from natural herbs with no skin irritations
  • Unbleached and non-fluorescent materials
  • Light and adheres well to the curves of your face
Stylevana KBeauty Review Frudia Blueberry Hydration Mask

Personal Experiences

I really like the packaging of this mask – the design is really cute and the matte finish paper material feels quite luxe actually (as most basic masks use a foil-type package). I think that these would be nice in the box set for a gift and the price point is pretty good!

Opening it up, I think the material – their botanical sheet mask – is really great too. It’s quite thin so clings well over the face but didn’t stretch or tear as easily as other cotton masks. It was almost transparent once I put it on, so super satisfying. It also has a mesh type cover so there’s no issues with unfolding it either.

The mask is nicely saturated but doesn’t drip so you can wear it while you work. The downside to it though, and this is common with all thinner sheet masks, is that it dries fairly quickly. The instructions recommend 10-20 minutes and I wouldn’t suggest exceeding that.

Afterwards, my skin felt really nicely hydrated. There’s a hint of stickiness but it isn’t too bad – similar to when you layer up your skincare. I personally really liked this mask: hydration is a fairly basic skincare benefit but this product is effective and well priced to be used a few times a week.


A hydrating botanical sheet mask targeting dry skin


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • ADHERENCE | 5/5
  • FIT | 4/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5


THOUGHTS? Simple but effective – this is something that I would highly recommend for people to try out. At just USD$1.60, it’s so easy to add one or two to your cart. I’ll likely be repurchasing these in the future too, especially to try out some of the other variations.

Stylevana KBeauty Review Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette in Night Drink

One Shot Eye Palette in Night Drink (Chica Y Chico) | USD$10.39

The Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette is both affordable and compact, so it’s good for people who like to carry things around for touch ups. As a k-beauty brand, these shadows tend to have lighter pigmentation and are designed for a natural make up look – so don’t be expecting anything too bold or loud here! If you’re a fan of Korean eyeshadows in general, then this may work well for you.

On the Stylevana website, this is available in six different variants (with differing price points) – Day Drink, Night Drink, Brick Khaki, Wine Burgundy, Mellow Sand and Milktea at Noon. The one that I have, Night Drink, is a mauve-toned neutral palette that would work well on cool to neutral undertones. It contains six shades:

  • Red eye: Rose-brown satin
  • Cointreau: A matte beige
  • Rose Wine: Matte light rose
  • Jack Rose: Matte medium rose
  • Grand Marnier: Champagne shimmer with a clear base
  • Coffee Cocktail: A matte chocolate brown with gold glitter particles
Stylevana KBeauty Review Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette in Night Drink
Stylevana KBeauty Review Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette in Night Drink
Stylevana KBeauty Review Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette in Night Drink
From left to right: Red Eye, Cointreau, Rose Wine, Jack Rose, Grand Marnier and Coffee Cocktail

In comparison to a lot of the other k-beauty palettes, I think the strength of this is in the compact design. Having six shades gives a lot more flexibility than a regular quad, and the pans are designed in a way that fully maximises space. This is something that would be good on on-the-go. I don’t mind that there’s so brush either, since I usually touch up with my fingers anyway.

The balance between mattes and shimmers is good too. I’m not a fan of those ‘matte with glitter’ type formulas so I think that would have been better as a regular shade. However, the two shimmers that they included are nice for all over the lid and the matte shades are curated in a way that it’s easy to build depth. It’s a very fuss-free and simple palette overall.

That being said, I had a bit of difficulty swatching it at first, though the shades did build up well. I’ll definitely have to play around with this a lot more before I can give a review so I won’t be putting my verdict down here just yet – it’s TBC and will be added though!

Stylevana KBeauty Review Logically Skin Aquatide Resurface Serum

Aquatide Resurface Serum (Logically, Skin) | 50mL from $16.87

The version of this serum that I have is a 10mL travel size, not the full size – so I won’t be discussing the packaging in this post. The Aquatide Resurface Serum is essentially an antioxidant serum. It is an anti-aging product, which helps to regenerate damaged skin and reduce wrinkles.

It is from a brand called Logically, Skin – which is centered about the biochemical and scientific principals behind skincare. They have a big focus on ingredients and research, instead of trends and gimmicks.

The key claims are:

  • Moisturises and nourishes, whilst regenerating damaged skin
  • Contains 4% concentrated Aquatide to strengthen skin
  • Contains ingredients (such as Niacinamide) to provide anti-aging and brightening functions

This serum is available on the Stylevana website in both 50mL or 100mL bottles – the price difference isn’t too big so I would suggest picking up the 50mL first.

Stylevana KBeauty Review Logically Skin Aquatide Resurface Serum
Stylevana KBeauty Review Logically Skin Aquatide Resurface Serum

Personal Experiences

I haven’t used this serum for a super long time – approximately two weeks now – but I don’t think I’ve seeing remarkable results. It has a very light and watery texture, similar to a toner, so I like the application process. I tend to just use my hands to pat it in (as I feel cotton pads would absorb too much product). It’s an easy formula to layer up skincare with and would work nicely for oily skin.

However, I’m just not seeing the results that some other people have. I started using this product when I was having major break outs and a lot of scarring, so hoped that this would speed up the recovery process. It really hasn’t done much, though I haven’t had any adverse effects either.


A lightweight antioxidant serum


  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • ABSORPTION | 4/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • RECOVERY | 2/5


THOUGHTS? I liked the texture of this so I really wanted it to be good (especially because my skin is in dire need of recovery right now) but all I can really say about this product is – meh. It didn’t really do anything for me. I will update this post if I see more results later on, but I won’t be recommending it otherwise.

Stylevana KBeauty Review Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red

Chateau Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red (Labiotte) | USD$8.90

And lastly, it’s the Chateau Wine Lip Tint from Labiotte. This has been around for a long time – it was actually super popular when I first started beauty blogging – so it’s hard to believe that I’ve never used it before! I’ve seen it in store in the past but never purchased it because I didn’t know which to go – so it’s now 2020 and here I am!

I have the shade Shiraz Red – it’s currently out of stock on the Stylevana website, but they do have some other shades. Overall, I was really happy with this and think that I’ll be picking up some more in the future.

This product is described as a long lasting lip tint with a moisturising ‘cover’ effect – it creates a hydrating layer over your lips which is non-sticky, transfer proof and super pigmented.

Stylevana KBeauty Review Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red
Stylevana KBeauty Review Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red
Stylevana KBeauty Review Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red

The biggest selling point is the packaging though. This wine bottle design is unique to Labioette: even if other brands do it, I’m fairly certain that they are the original. Their formula also contains wine extract and a berry scent to fit in with the theme – though I’m personally not sure if this has any formulation benefits.

Opening it up, you’ll find that this lip tint has a doe foot applicator. It’s fairly standard but I like that it doesn’t pick up too much product, making it pretty easy to apply a full lip with this.

Stylevana KBeauty Review Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red
Stylevana KBeauty Review Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red
Lip swatches of Shiraz Red – this is with the tint applied to the full lip. For a gradient look, the product can also be applied and blended out from the inner lip.

Above I have the lip tint swatched with a full lip – this is without using a brush, fingers or any cleaning up. The formula doesn’t bleed at all, so application was really easy. However, I don’t think it’s the best product for gradient lips – it’s very light and dries quickly so is harder to blend out.

That being said, the longevity of this is intense! If you want to keep it vibrant all day long, you’ll only need minimal touch ups. I wore this when I went out for lunch and, while it did fade, it left a nice stain on the lips so I didn’t feel the need to reapply. The formula actually reminds me a lot of the 3CE Tattoo Lip Tints (which are my absolute favourite in the world), with the same moisture cover finish and longevity – but a slightly better price point.

Packaging wise – it’s unique, but admittedly a bit gimmicky. I also find that it can be a bit bulky too, especially if you like to collect multiple, but I like that the top is colour coded. It’s decent; not my favourite but pretty cute still!


A long lasting lip tint with a wine themed design and formula


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 4/5
  • HYDRATION | 3/5


THOUGHTS? I like these and would likely purchase more of them in the future – though I don’t think their shade range is as big as the 3CE Tints. It has a nice moisture cover finish but I personally wouldn’t recommend this for people with very dry lips, since it doesn’t actually hydrate. Using a lip scrub or mask overnight would help too!

And that’s what I recieved from Stylevana! Some of these reviews were a bit more complete than others but I hope that you enjoyed reading this either way. Let me know if you’ve tried anything from here – perhaps you have some different thoughts and experiences too?

And, of course, make sure to check out the Stylevana website! From now and until the end of November, you can get 10-15% off your order with my code: INF10STELLAR – some exclusions apply.

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