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Acne and break outs aren’t an issue for everyone (those lucky ducks) but I have personally never met someone who would say no to clear skin. I used to get quite a handful of pimples around high school time but never had acne or problem skin, so to speak. However, my skin type has been changing a lot lately, possibly due to aging as well as a very hectic lifestyle – so I have been trying out a bunch of different anti-acne products.

Some have worked really well for me, some not at all and others were too strong.

It was at this time that Neogen released their new A-Clear Soothing Line and I couldn’t have been more excited to try it out. Their products have been really good for my skin and I had very high expectations for these new releases. Here, I have almost their full A-Clear Soothing collection:

I am missing their A-Clear Aid Soothing Spot Patch, but I will likely purchase them myself soon – once I run out of the ones I am currently working through. For what I do have, I haven’t managed to try out everything extensively yet but will be giving you a good overview of their new releases, as well as giving you my personal thoughts and impressions when I can!

Let’s get into this!

Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty
Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty

About Neogen and the A-Clear Collection

To be honest, I don’t think that I have ever had a bad experience with Neogen products – in fact, I’m almost finished my second bottle of their Real Fresh Foam Cleansers and I very seldom finish products (since I often jump from one to another for reviewing). They use selective ingredients and formulas, as well as thorough clinical testing. Their brand is also strongly based on Advanced Bio Technology, the six fields of which are:

  • Bio-Conversion Technology
  • Neo-Nature Sustainability Technology
  • Bio-Greentoxing Technology
  • Dermaceutical Technology
  • Sub-Micro Stabilization Technology
  • Plant Stem Cell Technology

Essentially, the Neogen brand is highly scientific and research based, but their range actually targets a wide area of skin concerns. They have a handful of sub-brands but the most well known would be Neogen Dermalogy. In America, they are sold at Sephora US or you can also purchase directly from their website.

Now coming to their new A-Clear Collection, this entire line was specifically developed for acne and blemish care – helping to “fight blemishes, while intensively soothing and calming the skin.”

The hero ingredient of this collection is Salicylic Acid, a chemical exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores making it a very effective treatment for acne (especially effective whiteheads and blackheads). It is important to know that this ingredient doesn’t kill acne-causing bacteria but instead uses a more gentle method of clearing pores to prevent them.

Products from this line would be suitable for someone who wants blemish treatments that are relatively gentle on their skin and can be used long term. Since it contains Salicyclic Acid, this would also be great for people with oily skin who want to keep their complexion clear and unclogged.

Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty
Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty

A-Clear Aid Soothing Foam Cleanser | USD$20

This is a foaming cleanser that helps to gently remove bacterial, excess oil and sebum, while also refreshing and cleaning skin. Since it helps to clear clogged pores and to remove excess oil, it will in turn help to prevent acne and break outs. These are the four main selling points (taken from the official Neogen website):

  • First-step cleanser for acne-prone skin: This gentle cleanser clarifies clogged pores and helps remove excess oil, which is one of main factors for acne skin, while controlling excess sebum.
  • Deep Cleansing: This cleanser is enriched with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, which help effectively remove skin impurities, wastes, and makeup, while Salicylic acid works to remove trapped dead skin cells for clearer skin. 
  • Skin Protecting: It helps soothe irritated and sensitive skin, while protecting the skin from outer environment for smooth and healthy skin. 
  • Skin Calming: The formula containing hero ingredients Tea tree and Licorice also reduces inflammation, toxicity, while skin calming ingredients such as Centella asiatica, Panthenol help calm and relax the irritated skin. 

Personally, I love Tea tree products for acne treatment and Centella Asiatica is my absolute favourite for skin soothing, so I have a lot of confidence in this formula. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to try this out one yet (I’m still finishing off the last of that Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cleanser), I will definitely be posting more about it once I do.

Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty

A-Clear Aid Soothing Overnight Mask | USD$20

This Soothing Overnight Mask is a bit different from everything else that I’ve used in the past since it is rare for an overnight mask to focus both on exfoliation and skin soothing – the ones that I usually use are all about hydration and brightening. This product is similar to the rest of this collection in that it uses both Salicylic Acid and Centella Asiatica to clear congested pores and calm skin irritation, therefore both working to prevent future breakouts and also helping to control sebum production.

I’ve been using this mask almost every night and I’ve been really enjoying it! Although it isn’t super hydrating or nourishing, it is sufficient enough to keep my skin supple – especially since it hasn’t been too dry lately either. The mask is great for soothing my skin and has really reduced the redness around my cheeks. It has also helped to clear some of my pores but hasn’t fully amended my blackhead issue.

It has an easy to use gel formula that is light and gives a cooling sensation when applied. It’s also easy to layer on top of other products, has only a very minimal tea tree scent and also comes in a tube – which is more hygienic than the usual tubs. I definitely really enjoy using this mark though I would recommend it mostly for soothing rather than exfoliation.

Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty
Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty
Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty

A-Clear Aid Soothing Spot Kit | USD$30

Then there is the Soothing Spot Kit, which is definitely the first that I’ve tried of this type of product! This is described as a “professional 2-step spot treatment that helps to quickly clean, fight, and soothe blemishes.” This is an intense product that is generally used for targeted problem areas or break outs, though it is not to be used long term.

This kit contains a spot cleaner and 10 individual spot ampoules which make up the two steps:

  • Step 1 – Spot Cleaner: An intensive formula contains salicylic acid to help clear dead skin cells, blackheads, excess sebum, impurities and pore-clogging debris that cause breakouts.
  • Step 2 – Spot Ampoule: Enriched with Guiazulene, Centella Asiatica, Green tea, Licorice ingredients, it instantly helps to soothe and relieve irritants while keeping skin’s healthy balance

Using this kit was fairly easy and actually a lot less intimidating than I originally thought. Essentially, you soak a cotton swab (or cotton pad, which is what I use) in the spot cleaner solution. This solution has very concentrated Salicyclic Acid and Tea Tree Oil help unclog and treat those problem areas. Of course, since it is very strong, you can definitely smell the tea tree scent – however it dissipates quickly so shouldn’t irritate at all.

Afterwards, the ampoule is is delivered via the syringe. It’s as simple as dispensing the product and then applying it over the areas – a little goes a long way and the ampoule has a gel-like texture that has no noticeable scent and is easy to apply. Depending on how much of it you need (I generally only apply over the areas that I used the spot cleaner), the syringe can also be recapped to use again later.

This is a good and intensive spot treatment kit that works quickly to reduce break outs and clear pores. It is best used for smaller bumps or in conjunction with acne patches to also drain the existing pimple. That being said, this is a strong formulation so I wouldn’t recommend this one for people with sensitive skin – otherwise, this is a great one to test out!

Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty
Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty
Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty

Neogen Dermalogy A Clear Soothing Collection Review Kbeauty

A-Clear Aid Soothing Pink Eraser | USD$15

And lastly there is the Soothing Pink Eraser, which I was initially very hesitant about but I have definitely changed my mind. This is another spot treatment but this specifically targets blemishes and break outs. I have actually used something similar to this before – a much cheaper brand and formula – but I found that the spot treatment was difficult to apply, rubbed off quickly and was so drying that it made my skin flake up. However, the Neogen formula is so incredibly superior that I’m glad I didn’t question it before trying it!

This is described as an “intensive soothing & skin purifying treatment with sensitive skin-friendly formula. This effective blemish spot treatment helps soothe and clear away blemishes, resulting in a clearer complexion.”

In the bottle, you will see two layers of the product – the top fluid layer contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Azulene (extracted from chamomile and helps to reduce redness, recover damaged cells and also to fortify the moisture barrier). This layer is formulated to peel, clarify and control sebum.

The bottom layer is a pink powder and is a soothing formula. This is made with pink calamine, an ingredient from sulfur that soothes troubles and prevents bacterial infections, while also helping to keep skin free from future break outs.

To apply this product, all you have to do is dip a cotton bud into the product (do not shake the bottle and make sure to pick up some of the pink powder). This mixture is then applied over trouble areas and you can then leave it overnight before washing it off as normal. This formula will help to slowly dry out, heal and reduce any break outs.

In comparison to the previous type that I has used, the product was a lot easier to pick up in Neogen’s formula. It coated the cotton swab easily and also applied over problem areas with full opacity and ease – I think that this has to do with the quality of how the calamine powder has been milled. In addition, I also find this formula to be a lot more soothing and not as drying too, making it also suitable for more sensitive skin types. I had no problems using this for multiple nights in a row and it visibly reduced my break outs in the morning.

And that’s everything that I have from this new Neogen A-Clear Soothing Collection! Will you be trying anything out from this offering? I definitely think that the Pink Eraser and Spot Treatment Kit are brilliant if you have problem skin and want something that works fast. If you’re after something that’s more about prevention and slowly clearing skin, then the Soothing Overnight Mask is the way to go. As for the Foam Cleanser? I will update everyone once I try it out!

Let me know down below if you’ve used anything from their line or if you have any further recommendations from Neogen. I honestly love their brand and think their skincare does wonderful things for my complexion.

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