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For me, the past year has been all about casual, easy-to-wear make up looks – perhaps it’s because I spent most of the last two years wearing a mask, or maybe because I was in lockdown for months. The perk of more ‘natural’ make up looks is that they’re a lot lower maintenance and take less time to put together.

The All Take Mood Cheek Palette from Peripera is great for these natural make up looks. There are three variations in total, all containing three shades, but the one I’ll be reviewing the Nude in Mood. This one is quite light and sheer, so would be great for people with a fairer skin tone.

All of the variations are available on StyleKorean for USD$16 (on sale from USD$20), so pop over if you’d like to find out more! In the meantime, let’s jump into this review!

Product Description

The All Take Mood Cheek Palette is a three-pan cheek palette with an easy-to-use, buttery formula. It claims to have a sheer, ‘transparent’ finish that is perfect for layering and building up pigmentation. Containing micro-pearls in a finely-milled powder, it adheres well with minimal fall out and creates a super pretty, soft focus look – perfect for glowy, every day make up.

There are three different colour variants (Nude Is Mood, You Too Carrot (*See Note) and In The Moonlike). There are the shades in Nude Is Mood:

  • Gentle Nude: A soft, warm beige blush with micro-pearls
  • Pink-Leaf Nude: Warm light pink blush with micro-pearls
  • Dazzling Nude: Wearable nude-champagne highlighter with a fine, silvery shimmer reflect

NOTE: This variation is listed as ‘You Too Carrot’ on the StyleKorean website, but seems to be officially called ‘Fall In Carrot’.


The All Take Mood Cheek Palette comes in a plastic case, with a soft touch, matte base as a clear front. The light tint of colour adds to the design, along with a subtle pattern and typographic print. In addition, the case as a simple click in closure – it’s very standard but is both secure and easy to open. The quality feels really nice and I like that there’s no wasted space too; this would be a good option for keeping in your hand bag or for travel.

It’s important to note that, whilst the pan embossing is really pretty, it’s also very shallow and will disappear after a couple of applications (mine is already totally gone). It’s nice at first but doesn’t last!

Overall, the packaging quality is nice and I also like the design – the colours feel harmonious and it has a trendy vibe without feeling cheap. The consistent packaging across the three colour variations (in terms of shape and ‘stackability’) also make me very tempted to start collecting!

Shades & Personal Experiences

As I mentioned early on, this is a palette that I would recommend for people who have pale to light skin tones and who prefer a natural make up style. The pigmentation builds up but has a sheer formulation, so I always layer it two or three times. It also adheres better to foundation rather than bare skin.

As you can see in the swatches above, there’s a shimmer to all of the blush shades – it gives a nice glow to the skin that’s very smooth and flattering. It works very well for light make up days but can also be layered with the highlighter for a little extra. The powders are very fine and smooth, being able to blend seamlessly into skin. I like that it doesn’t leave a ‘powdery’ look even when substantially built up too.

However, I’m not the most impressed with the longevity – which is most likely because it’s quite sheer (or ‘translucent’) to begin with. If you’re out for a long time and want to maintain the look, I would recommend bringing this palette along in your bag.

And here’s my verdict!


A three pan cheek palette with two blushes and a highlight


  • Decent price point
  • Visually beautiful packaging
  • Lightweight and good quality compact – would be suitable for travel
  • Sheer formulation – colour needs to be built up, making this easy to use for beginners
  • Finely milled, highly blendable powders
  • Natural looking blushes with a pretty glow
  • Beautiful highlight shade with no gray cast


  • Shallow embossing, meaning the pan design will smear quickly
  • Sheer formulation – would not suit many skin tones
  • Doesn’t wear as long during the day


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 2/5
  • REFLECT | 4/5

OVERALL RATING? 6/10 (Average)


I think this is a pretty palette, but is only suitable for a small audience. I would only recommend this for people with fair to light skin tones and who like more natural make up looks. It would also be good for make up beginners as, having a sheer ‘translucent’ formula, it’s really hard to over-apply.

That being said, if you want a blush that’s a little brighter, I would recommend looking at one of the other two colour variants or even checking out the Romand Better Than Cheek – I absolutely love these!


You can pick up the Nude Is Mood variation of the All Take Mood Cheek Palette at StyleKorean for USD$16 (on sale from USD$20) – make sure to check out the other colour variations too!

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