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Sweetheart. Sweetheart.

I am a sucker for limited edition releases, mostly because I love special packaging, and Revlon has really brought it this time! The Crystal Aura Collection launched in Australia a few weeks ago and, honestly, everyone who has seen these have thought that it was from a mid-high end brand (most definitely not drugstore). The design of it is so different from their usual and, in the grand scheme of drugstore cosmetics, has definitely gone the extra mile.

I was super lucky to actually receive most of this collection to test and review before the launch and I have been in love. I actually haven’t used much from Revlon before, since I don’t use a lot of drugstore make up in general, but I am definitely impressed enough that I want to be checking out some of their permanent range too. For this post, I’ll be chatting about their Crystal Lipstick, Glow Lip Oil, Lip Glow Gelee, Liquid Gleam Potion, Glow Gelée™, Putty Powder Eye Beam and the Liquid Alloy Eye Shadow. They also have a ColorStay Crystalized Eyeliner but I haven’t tried that one so check it out on the website instead.

This entire range is currently available at Priceline and Big W in Australia or, if you’re international, I would recommend checking out the official Revlon website for your local stockist.

So – this is a pretty big collection. Let’s get into it!

The Crystal Aura collection is limited edition and, according to the Revlon website, is inspired by the colour of auras – which is a spiritual concept that visualises the colours of your energy (all of which have different meanings and is actually quite complex). Closely related, it is also inspired by crystals (if the name didn’t give that away), whether it is the beautifully multi-faceted shimmer or the spiritual radiance that they give.

Everything in this range is selling for AUD$19.95 and, while it is actually a common price point for the Revlon brand, is still unusual since the collection actually ranges from USD$9-$13 in America. For the Australian price tag, most of these seem fair to me, though I feel like it is a bit high for the single eyeshadow (although I really love that one).

From top to bottom: Palm Reader, Wicked Pot, Heal Spirit

Liquid Alloy Eyeshadow | AUD$19.95

This liquid eyeshadow comes in a three colour range, and is described as a “shimmering liquid eye shadow [that] goes on like a gloss and dries to a smooth vinyl finish, draping your lids in intensely metallic pigments.” I would personally disagree with this description – although it is highly metallic and shimmery, they apply like a normal liquid eyeshadow and can be either blended out or build up in intensity. The finish can be a little more ‘chunky’ because of the shimmers (which is to be expected) and I would not describe it as a ‘vinyl’ – though I feel like that’s a good thing because a vinyl eyeshadow would be quite difficult to wear.

It comes in a three colour range, which is very pretty but I personally find that they perform a little differently – all because the pigmentation has slight variations. The copper and silver shades (Palm Reader and Wicked Pot) have a little bit more of a base colour, so work well either alone or on top of other eyeshadows. The gold (Heal Spirit) actually has a more sheer base and can almost disappear on the lids if you blend it out too much – I would recommend to use that one on top of existing eyeshadow for a pop of glitter.

Above are swatches of the colours on my arm! Although they can look a little bit patchy here, note that they are meant to be applied and blended out on the eye (a much smaller area than the arm) so this isn’t an issue at all. They have a decent wear time too with zero fall out, though application can take a bit more building up.


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • PIGMENTATION | 2/5 (Can be good but needs to be built)
  • REFLECT | 5/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 3/5
  • LONGEVITY | 5/5


THOUGHTS? I don’t use liquid eyeshadows a lot so the fact that I enjoyed these so much really says something! I feel like this is a good drugstore alternative for the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Shadows, especially since the shade range seems to hit their most popular colours, though is obviously more limited.

Liquid Gleam Potion | AUD$19.95

The Liquid Gleam Potion is a “universal liquid illuminator infused with rose quartz crystal for a sheer, opalescent glow.” This can be worn both with or without make up to give a beautiful white highlight that can be either more subtle to built up to a blinding finish. Although this only comes in one shade, it is something that really does work universally – it has a white opalescent glitter finish but no base colour, so won’t look ashy on any skin tone.

It has a very lightweight liquid formula that can be either blended out with a sponge or your fingers. I would personally recommend just using your fingers since this will give optimum control as the product can be harder to work with at first. It is quite glittery and light but, once you have it down, then it looks great on skin and can be used on top of other highlighter to intensify.

The product comes with a dropper applicator which allows for an easy, mess free application – I tend to apply either a small drop right onto my cheek bone or onto the back of my hand. However, I have to say that the actual quality of the dropper isn’t the best – the plastic is too soft and thin, so it doesn’t give you much control. The bottle, however, is really beautiful and I love the light purple gradient.

On the packaging, they actually say that you can also use this as an all over illuminator underneath your make up – and maybe you can – but I personally feel like this is way to glittery to be used that way. I think that this works best as a targeted highlighter or a topper. I love that the liquid formula is super lightweight, dries completely (no stickiness) and also works well over other make up; i.e. it doesn’t pick up your foundation as you apply. However, the thinness of the formula can be a bit hard to work with.

Once the formula is dry it is relatively budge proof, though you might find a few stray glitters as you go about your day. My only complaint would be the quality of the dropper. I’m also concerned that it is marketed more like a luminance product when this is more glittery – which may confuse people.


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 2/5 (Sad about the dropper quality)
  • PIGMENTATION | 5/5 (Love that it has a clear base)
  • REFLECT | 5/5
  • FINISH | 3/5
  • LONGEVITY | 4/5


THOUGHTS? This product can work really well if you get some practice with it. I love the colour and the finish of it (which wears well and is very blinding), but the glitteriness of it can mean that it’s hard to really concentrate the reflect on a certain area – you can’t blend it out too much or too little. I like how it looks over other highlighters best and, while I don’t reach for this heaps, I still think it’s nice!

Glow Gelée™ | AUD$19.95

The other highlighter in this Crystal Aura collection is the Glow Gelée™! This one reminds me a lot of the Moonshot Jelly Pots or the Zoeva Jelly Pot, but – and please correct me if i’m wrong – is actually quite a unique product in the drugstore market. I’m sure that other brands that brought out similar formulas before but it is far and few in between.

This is described as a “highlighting jelly [that] rolls over skin and plays up your bone structure.” It is also rose quartz infused and claims to have a pearlescent sheen but actually comes in two completely different shades/finishes – Happy Glow Lucky (a purple pearlescent finish) or Witchery (a pale gold micro-glitter look) – so regardless of your highlighter preferences, one will suit you.

Similarly to the previous, this gelee also has no base colour to limit skintone suitability (although Happy Glow Lucky as a slight pink to purple sheen which may not suit all undertones). The formula is super lightweight and dries quickly so it works even on powdered base (yes – I was amazed at this). I personally prefer the pearlescent finish because I feel like Witchery is too subtle for my personal tastes – it can be built up to an extent too though I wouldn’t overdo it as the gelee can be ‘chunky’.

Left to right: Happy Glow Lucky and Witchery
Left to right: Witchery and Happy Glow Lucky (HAHA I made a mistake swatching)

These highlighter jellies are very easy to use and blend out with little effort at all. They’re great when you’re on the go and want something effortless. It also looks great with minimal make up as the reflect is relatively natural (even if it’s purple and gold shimmer). The finish is also very lightweight and almost powdery, with zero stickiness or residue. Longevity wise, it does fade after a few hours but doesn’t leave any patchiness behind so I don’t mind that.

Perhaps the only real downside is that you need to be very careful when closing the cap as these type of formulas dry out easily. I don’t mind the packaging – the colour is nice but I don’t see anything too special about it. The quality is nice and sturdy, with the lid screwing on without any difficulty. It is very important to store these upright though because the nature of the product means that the edges of the pots can get very messy – this would not be suitable for travel.


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5


THOUGHTS? I really liked these at first but, in retrospect, they aren’t perfect. I feel like you would really enjoy these if you like the shades and this type of formula, but they haven’t blown me away. To be honest, I’m impressed with the application (which is so easy and works well over my make up) and the different finishes are nice.

Putty Powder Eye Beam (Mesmerized) | AUD$19.95

Okay, so I love this putty eyeshadow but I really want to ask why is there only one shade available in Australia – I’m fairly certain that there are a few in the States. This was my first reaction so I do hope that they will bring more of this formula out into their permanent range because I really like these (even if the price point is a bit of a shock).

According to the Priceline website, “Packed with glistening pigment, this airy formula transforms before your eyes! The luminous sheen goes from sheer to smoky as you blend. Infused with topaz crystal, the silky shadow delivers a buildable, multidimensional shimmer.” I absolutely agree with this description that I think that this is a really versatile single eyeshadow that can be paired with many different looks – from casual to glam.

This eyeshadow has a sheer dark brown base with a duochrome finish (gold-pink reflect). The formula is very soft and putty-like so this is a product that you definitely need to apply with your fingertips; I also tried with a variety of synthetic brushes (natural bristles don’t work at all) and, while they did a good job of blending, the pigment just doesn’t pack on as well.

You can get a subtle wash of shimmer (and a sheer brown colour) or you can be like me and really build this up on the inner third of the eyes. Since this is a putty formula, you don’t need any Fix+ to intensify the formula – it’s already there. The sheerer colour base means that it works with other eyeshadows; this is intended to be used as an ‘add-on’ and doesn’t work so well alone.

The pan came beautifully smooth but, as you can see above, this is after a few uses

I have a swatch of the product above but it can also be built up to a much stronger intensity. This is the type of reflect that is really hard to capture on camera and I was only able to get the duochrome by moving out of focus. It is definitely much more beautiful in person.

Longevity wise, this lasts as well on me as other eyeshadows. As long as you are using a good primer underneath, I don’t see any reason why there would be any creasing or fading issues. Although it is a putty formula, it performs like a normal powder eyeshadow on the eyes.


  • PRICE POINT | 1/5
  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • PIGMENTATION | 3/5 (Buildable, just wish it picked up more easily)
  • REFLECT | 5/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 1/5
  • LONGEVITY | 5/5


THOUGHTS? I really love this eyeshadow but I just can’t recommend it at this price point – AUD$20 for a single drugstore eyeshadow is expensive considering that there are palettes at a similar price point also at Priceline. I am also somewhat saddened that only one shade made it to Australian shores.

Aside from that though, the product is really beautiful and I am obsessed with the packaging design. I was awestruck when I first saw this shadow and I don’t think I will stop using it. If you don’t mind the price then definitely go for it, but otherwise, I am sure that there are other more affordable options (even if it is a different formula).

From left to right: Crystal Glow and Poof!

Crystal Lipstick | AUD$19.95

According to the product description, this “delivers an ethereal sheen while defining lips with brilliant colour.” However, the Crystal Lipstick is – to be honest – more of a lip balm as it had a hydrating feel on the lips but virtually no colour pay off (as it is clear) aside from the shimmer finish. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because I love wearing this over other lip stains and liquid lipsticks, almost like a ‘transformer’ shade.

It has a super pretty crystal shaped bullet, which actually doesn’t affect application at all, and also a clear to purple gradient packaging design. I find that the clear plastic can make this look a bit ‘cheap’ or even flimsy, but the quality of it is surprisingly not bad! I just wish that the packaging had a more ‘luxe’ feel to it. It is still a step above usual drugstore design though.

Left to right: Crystal Glow and Poof!

Shade-wise, the Crystal Lipstick is available in two different shimmer shades – Crystal Glow (the white bullet) has a champagne gold reflect whilst Poof! (the purple) has an iridescent purple reflect. They are both pretty wearable and also easy to layer over different lip colours. Although two shades feels like very little, I find this product to be versatile and would suit many different skin tones and styles anyway (as long as you like glittery lips).

I don’t usually like glitter or shimmer on my lips but I actually really like it in this product! Since it is a very fine shimmer and the balm is also more hydrating, it’s very comfortable on the lips and easy to wear. I find that it’s also super flattering over a lot of different lipsticks, though the bullet does get messy from the transfer (I clean it after every application).

Longevity wise, this Crystal Lipstick lasts about as well as any other balm – that is, not super well. Depending on your lips, the moisture may absorb after some time but you will still have a hint of the shimmer. If you eat or drink though, then this will definitely fade. On the plus side, it doesn’t leave any patchiness or dry flakes behind, so this is very easy to reapply when ever you like.


  • PRICE POINT | 2/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 1/5


THOUGHTS? The Crystal Lipstick definitely has both its pros and cons, so it would depend on what you’re personally looking for. If you want a iridescent subtle lip topper or balm, then this would be a great product! However, if you go into this looking for an actual lipstick sort of product, then this does not fit into the category.

My main disappointment with this product would be the price point and the packaging design – I really think that it could have been better and nearly AUD$20 for a lip balm type product is really a bit much.

Top to bottom: Good Witch and Pretty Wicked

Glow Lip Oil | AUD$19.95

So when I saw the Glow Lip Oil in this collection, I was so excited for it! I have actually used lip oils in the past and really liked them, but I find that not a lot of brands carry this type of product. It falls somewhere between a lip gloss and a lip stain, having a more lightweight and non-sticky oil texture. The packaging is solid and sturdy, with a nice elegant design (this is much preferred over the above bullets). It isn’t much fancy, but the overall aesthetic is pretty.

According to the product description, “This lightweight, luxurious oil does it all. Infused with rose quartz, the delicate fluid cushions lips while adding a hint of luminous glow. Try one sheer coat, or layer to build subtle colour and shine.” As you can see from the below lip swatches, the pigmentation is definitely there can the overall look from this product is super pretty and wearable.

I personally like to wear lip oils alone but you can also wear them over other lip colours (stains or lip sticks), but know that it will somewhat affect the longevity of them. Being a lip oil, the wear time of these aren’t brilliant – they do fade easily on the lips but leave behind the slightest stain. This will be a product that you’d expect to reapply through the day.

Left to right: Pretty Wicked and Good Witch

Although there are three shades available in the States, only two of them were brought to Australia (and only one is in-stock on Priceline’s website) – so it’s a shame that we didn’t get the full range here. At the moment, the two colours that we have are Pretty Wicked (a peachy nude) and Good Witch (a sheer, warm pink). Both of these are very wearable and flattering shades.

The versatility of the formula means that you can either build up the colour or wear it sheer, so this will also work for a decent variety of skin tones. I feel like light to medium skin tones would suit these two shades, but they would struggle to show up on deeper skin tones. I really wish they brought out a better shade range for this because I love the formula!


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • HYDRATION | 5/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 3/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5


THOUGHTS? Although it costs the same amount as the lipsticks, I feel like I would be much more comfortable paying this much for a lip oil. The formula is really nice, it’s smooth and hydrating, giving the lips a plump and juicy appearance. It’s definitely something that I would reach for over and over again.

Within the Crystal Aura collection, the shade range is limited but I do think they’re very pretty and would flatter different undertones. I’m also certain that this product also exists in their permanent collection, so I hope that we will get more deeper shades for this soon too!

Lip Glow Gelee (Crystal Energy) | AUD$19.95

And lastly, I want to talk about the Lip Glow Gelée, which is the lip gloss in this collection! This is described as a “creamy, non-sticky gloss that encapsulates the iridescence of crystals by catching the light at every angle. With its lush texture and supreme, holographic glow, this high-wattage, sparkly lip gloss creates the illusion of extravagant fullness.”

It definitely applies very smoothly and has a comfortable, non-gritty texture. The glossiness and the shimmer of this is also pretty intense but can be either blended out or packed on. It is a little bit sticky, though not overly so – just what I would expect from a gloss. It isn’t thick or heavy on the lips.

It is important to note that this also has a brush applicator. This is good if you want a very intense application but, personally, I would have preferred a doe foot applicator as I find that gives me better control over the edges of my lips.

Packaging wise, this is so beautiful! I love that there is still the purple gradient design but – since the ‘clear’ area reveals the super shimmery product inside, it creates a very pretty effect. I hope that this is the type of design that Revlon will use for more of their glosses in the future because the overall look is very fun, trendy but also super elegant.

You can see the lip swatch above. This is only available in one shade and, while it looks very pretty in a photo of just my lips, I found that it really didn’t suit my undertone so I would only be recommending this for people who like iridescent lip glosses and have more cool toned skin.

The reflect of it (which is a purple/pink iridescent reflect) really leans towards cool tones and – in general – this isn’t a very flattering look for me. I find that I don’t reach for glittery/shimmery glosses much for this exact reason – a lot of these more fun shades look absolutely strange against my skin tone.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that this is a product that I will be getting much use out of. I will likely keep it for some eye gloss looks though.S


  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • COLOUR | 3/5
  • STICKINESS | 3/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5


THOUGHTS? Aside from the really pretty packaging, this is actually quite an average sort of lip gloss. I don’t mind the slight stickiness of it and I like that it doesn’t feel too heavy on my lips, but I would have much preferred to use a doe foot applicator.

In addition, this gloss was only available in one shade that really didn’t flatter my skin tone. I feel like this really limits the wearability of it as, essentially, it would only really work on very cool toned skin (and even then, depends on personal style). I would have added at least one or two more shades with a more neutral and warm iridescence.

So that’s the run down on the Revlon Crystal Aura collection! There were definitely some things that worked better for me than others, so I hope that my honest reviews were helpful for you. This collection is available for a limited time only so definitely rush in store if you’re wanting to get anything.

Otherwise, a lot of these formulas are also available in the permanent range and I would highly recommend checking that out if you’re wanting some more shade range. This offering here is quite concept-specific and a little bit limited, so won’t necessarily suit everyone.

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