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I haven’t been wearing foundation much in the past few months which explains why this review is so delayed. However, I really was interested in trying out this Dear Klairs cushion because it has a pretty interesting concept – and I feel like a lot of people would be interested in this.

The Cushion, Whenever is essentially a cushion compact foundation which comes with two different puffs, one for daily use and one with a higher coverage finish. The main selling point of this product is versatility – it is intended to be a product that you can use anytime and for every occasion. It is available at Wishtrend for USD$37 (or USD$20 for a refill), though is out of stock at the time of writing – it will likely be restocked in the new year though, and they are always running great sales, so definitely check out their website.

But before all of that, let’s get into this review!

Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review
Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review

Product Description

According to the Wishtrend product description, this “…[is] a light-weight multifunctional, slim and portable cushion foundation that you can use on whenever, wherever.” It has a dewy, glow finish and a light, buildable texture, as well as SPF 50+ PA+++ (which I always appreciate).

The two puffs included in the pack are described as being high-end applicators with a daily and cover-up variation – which mostly stems from them using different materials. The daily puff claims to create a “healthy and hydrated look,” whilst the “dense fabric of the cover-up puff enhances coverage crating flawless skin.”

The cushion is available in three shades which all have different undertones too. The thinner formula means that there’s a bit of leeway when it comes to colour matching too but would only work for fairly pale skin tones. The three shades are: 21C Rosy (which is what I have), 21N Linen and 23W Ecru.

I have also analysed the ingredients list on Skincarisma and found the following:

  • The cushion contains four UV protection ingredients, as well as Anti-aging and Brightening
  • It is Paraben and Sulfate free, as well as Cruelty free
  • It has a few ingredients which may be fungal acne triggers or comedogenic, as well as not being suitable for oily skin
  • Contains some silicones
  • Contains fragrance (though it isn’t that noticeable when actually using the product)

The overall product safety breakdown is 94% low risk, so it is relatively very safe. Even with a few of these points (such as what is considered not suitable for oily skin), I didn’t have any issues personally.

Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review
Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review


For people that like simple, elegant packaging – then this one will definitely interest you. The Cushion, Whenever has a sleek design using one of the more slimline compact shapes – it has a reflective deep blue colour and a simple, silver logo on the front. The overall aesthetic is really nice and I actually like that the unit carton (which is also metallic blue) matches it as well. The only potential downsides that I could see would be fingerprints and scratches over time.

In addition to this, the box contains two puffs – one already inside the case and another that is in a separate plastic sleeve. They both has a blue ribbon on the front (which matches the case) whilst the applicator side of the puff is made from two different materials – the daily puff has a smoother, fine texture whilst the cover (the black puff) feels denser and slightly velvety.

It’s good that the two puffs have different colours (since this makes them easier to differentiate). However, only one puff can fit into the case at a time which means that you need to keep the other stored in the plastic sleeve (not the more hygienic once it has been used) or just have it floating around. Since the main selling point of this product is versatility, and being able to use it ‘anywhere’, I really wish that they just made the case a little thicker to fit in both puffs! It would be more convenient for both travel and storage.

Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review
Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review
Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review

Personal Experiences

Overall, I found the cushion to be okay – the initial finish of it is quite dewy, which would be great for people with normal to dry skin. Since mine leans towards the oily side, I usually do a light dusting of powder on top – this works quite well. The cushion has a lightweight and natural finish that’s comfortable to wear all day. I also found that it faded naturally after a few hours of wear with no noticable separation of cakiness – I’ve been testing this for approximately 6 hours at a time, though this is at home rather than in my usual office environment.

For people with oily skin though, this product has no oil control – I definitely got shiny quite easily. It’s easy to touch up though so I don’t mind this. Even with layering the product up, it still looks natural.

Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review
Top to bottom: Liner, Daily Puff and Coverage Puff
Dear Klairs Cushion Whenever Kbeauty Makeup Review
Left (Daily Puff) and Right (Coverage Puff)

Above are examples of the product and application. My main criticism of this product is that the two puffs don’t make that much of the difference – the daily puff might be a little bit more glowy, whilst the cover up puff has a slightly fuller coverage, but it’s all very similar. There’s not much discernable difference between using the two so I find that I just stick to the coverage puff.

Overall, I would say that this has a light coverage that can be built up to a medium level. The formula is comfortable and light with a natural glow finish that can be mattified with powder. There’s no noticeable oil control but the product fades evenly and can be touched up so I think this would be most suitable for dry to combination skin.

Here’s the verdict!


A lightweight cushion product with two different sponges – a daily, glow sponge and a higher coverage variant


  • Elegant and slimline packaging
  • Refills available for purchase
  • Light and comfortable finish
  • Fades evenly during the day and is easy to reapply
  • No noticeable scene
  • 94% low risk, safe ingredients


  • Expensive initial price (similar to Laneige)
  • Case only fits one puff with nowhere to keep the other
  • No noticeable oil control
  • Dewy finish may not be suitable for oily skin types
  • Very minimal difference in finish from the two puffs


  • PACKAGING | 2/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 3/5
  • PRICE POINT | 2/5
  • FINISH | 3/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5



I’ll be continuing to use this since the formula and product is decent. However, this isn’t at the top of my list for favourite base products – I feel like it didn’t fully deliver on its claims and the packaging, whilst it’s aesthetically very pretty, isn’t perfect either. It’s also a bit expensive (on par with high-end street brands like Laneige) though it’s good that they have refills available.

That being said, someone with dry or dry-leaning skin may like this more than I did. Since my skin type is more oily-combination, I feel like the formula and longevity was not as impressive.


If you want to check the Cushion, Whenever out, head on over to the Wishtrend website – and make sure to be checking my blog (and their website) for the latest sales and promotions too. Again, it’s out of stock at time of writing but I’m fairly sure that they will restock.

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