I try really hard not to recommend products that are overly expensive because, even if I love the product, it is all just makeup in the end and I hold firmly to the belief that there are plenty of more important things in the world. Still, it’s a bit hard when I’m such a big fan of Pat McGrath (and her brand) because her products are notoriously expensive, but they are definitely a high quality luxury item.

For people who want to try out her eyeshadow formula and may not be ready to invest in a full-size, these Eye Ecstasy Palettes may be perfect for you! Priced at either AUD$51 from the Pat McGrath website or AUD$47 at Sephora Australia, these are five pan mini palettes that let you indulge in this luxury formula at a much more affordable price point.

In comparison to the full size palettes, these are obviously smaller and the packaging isn’t as fancy, but I like that they give more variety than a quad. The shades are perfectly curated too. For people who love neutrals, check out the Sublime Palette, but if you want a pop of metallic colour, then go for the Subversive Palette (which is what I’m reviewing today).

You can buy these mini palettes on the Pat McGrath Labs website, or Australians can go to Sephora Australia. Before that though, let’s get into this review!

Product Description

The Eye Ecstasy Eye Shadow Palettes comes in two shade variations. It is described as a “curated collection of five cult-classic shades” – they are all pre-existing from other Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes or singles, so you aren’t compromising on quality here at all. The shades are are described as being a cream-infused powder with a smooth and easy to blend pigment finish. They have a buildable formula, but also have the capability for one swipe application.

The shades from the Subversive palette include:

  • Lapis Luxury – Multi Dimensional Turquoise Metallic
  • Blue Blood – Deepened Burgundy Sheen
  • Gold Standard – Metallic 25K Gold
  • Synthetica – Sparkling Purple Metallic 
  • Crimson Fire – Rebellious Ruby Metallic

The shade selection for the more neutral Sublime Eye Shadow Palette is also beautiful, but I already own those shades in her palettes. In the Subversive Palette, all of the shades aside from Blue Blood were taken from her Eyedols Eye Shadow range (which is priced at AUD$39 per single shadow).


As with all other Pat McGrath mini products, the Eye Ecstasy Palette comes packaged in a sealed gold and clear bag. It doesn’t have the opulent artwork design that the brand uses on their full sized product, but is instead filled with these pretty gold sequins!

For someone who likes to photograph her products for Instagram (and this blog), I love these little sequins because they gave a solid ‘identity’ to the product – you know the brand as soon as you see them. I have also been told that these sequins are actually sourced from the same manufacturer that produces these for Gucci, so it feels like a nod to Pat McGrath‘s runway fame.

That all being said, they are plastic and can be rather wasteful for the average consumer. I know a lot of people are coming up with creative ways to reuse them though.

Once you open up the non-resealable bag, you will get the palette. In contrast with her usual heavy black packaging, these are rather lightweight and are made of a frosted matte plastic with a gold logo. They definitely feel a lot cheaper than the usual palettes and you also don’t get a mirror, but I don’t mind it too much. The clasp closes well but can be a bit hard to open if you have longer nails. The plastic material is decently sturdy though, so would be suitable for travel.

All in all, the packaging for the Eye Ecstasy Palette definitely falls short in comparison to the full-size palettes, but it’s still passable!

Personal Experiences

As promised, the formula of these shadows are so bright, perfectly pigmented and apply like butter. I love the Eye Ecstasy Palette because the find the quality just as great as other Pat McGrath eyeshadows, and these colours are curated to be stand out – they are all of the ‘fun’ colours that would usually draw your eye in her main range.

All five of these shades are metallics but have a slightly different texture and finish:

  • Lapid Luxury and Gold Standard: These are more of a traditional metallic finish with a highly reflective micro-glitter. They are super bright and you can get the best colour pay-off with either your fingertips or a dense brush.
  • Crimson Fire and Blue Blood: These are smoother with more of a satin-metallic finish, and do not contain any micro-glitter. These apply easily with both a dense or fluffy brush.
  • Synthetica: This one is similar to the other metallics but is a bit chunkier. It has a dark base and dense micro-glitter for a multi-dimensional finish. This is definitely best applied with your fingertips and blended out sparingly (or you will get a lot of sparse glitter)
Top row: Lapis Luxury, Gold Standard and Crimson Fire
Bottom row: Blue Blood and Synthetica
Left to right: Lapis Luxury, Blue Blood, Gold Standard, Synthetica and Crimson Fire

I have been working hard to limit my spending for the last year or so but, when this was finally released at Sephora Australia, I didn’t even hesitate! I walked in knowing that it was exactly what I wanted and I haven’t regret since. The shades are really perfect for me and I would be recommending this for people who want to add bright pops of colour to their existing make up routine. If you want a more neutral palette that you can create entire looks with, I would recommend the Sublime palette instead (which has some of my other favourite shades).

Compared to the price point of her full-size palettes, I don’t mind paying AUD$47 for these either – it’s only a bit more than the Natasha Denona Mini Palettes (which I also own and love) and regular shoppers at Sephora can also use their points to get a discount. The Subversive Palette specifically isn’t one that I reach for all of the time, but it is the one I turn to when I want to elevate a look.

Here’s the verdict!


A 5 pan curated mini palette in two variations (neutral and brights)


  • Lightweight packaging, sturdy and suitable for travelling
  • Perfect curation of pre-existing shades
  • Variation of textures and formulation
  • Bright pigmentation and easy application
  • Long lasting with no creasing


  • Packaging isn’t as well designed as the full-sizes
  • Sequins can be wasteful – there’s a lot of plastic
  • Difficult to do a full look with the Subversive palette


  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 5/5
  • LONGEVITY | 5/5 (without primer)



Since the price point for this is a lot better, I am comfortable recommending this! For people who want to try out Pat McGrath formulas, or maybe just want to add in a few shades to your existing collection, this is a great one to have. The pans are a lot smaller than the full sizes (these are 1g each), but I personally never finish an eyeshadow so I don’t think this is an issue at all.

Again, the Subversive palette is a perfect companion palette to add pops of colour to other looks, whilst the Sublime palette is a better wholistic option for a more neutral look.


This palette is available from the Pat McGrath website for AUD$51 or you can buy it from Sephora Australia for AUD$47 (the cheaper option, especially if you can also use points perks).

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