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Following this post, there’s actually going to be a handful of VT Cosmetics products. They are a brand that I had heard a lot about in the past even before they started collaborating with BTS. For me, although I am a kpop fan, I am not a BTS fan, so my review of these are completely unbiased and I’ll only be discussing the actual products.

That all being said, I have had mixed experiences with VT Cosmetics – some products which I thought were pretty good, while others I didn’t like so much. These two, the Super Tempting Highlight Palette and the Super Tempting Shade Palette, fall a bit little in between (which I will go into below).

I received these, and all of the other VT Cosmetic products too, from BB Cosmetic who were super generous and sent me over so many things from the range to try out! Jump on over to their website if you want to get these ‘super tempting’ palettes – or anything else from the brand. They offer free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase and you can also use my affiliate code for 5% off: QAL3F6ZA8YZ

But, before you do that, lets get into this review!

Packaging – Unit Carton

This product comes in a very slick and trendy looking black box, with a matte finish and also a bronze typographic design over the front. It has some small UV varnish details which makes it look a bit more luxe too. They are almost the same between the Highlight and Shade palette, aside from some of the text, and I wish that the two had just a little more difference so that they were more easily discernible.

Overall though, the unit carton for these palettes look nice. The quality of the cardboard is good and it gives VT Cosmetics a trendy cool-girl vibe, similar to how I might position a brand like 3CE. It is simple but the quality of the design means that it would still look nice as a gift (and I suppose that BTS logo doesn’t hurt at all either)! My only concern is that the two palettes look virtually identical! I wish that they had just done two different colours, just something simple so you can tell which is which.

Packaging – Palette

And opening it up, we move onto the actual palettes! The palette compacts are made of plastic but have a metallic rose gold colour that makes it look more sleek. They use a similar typography to the front of the unit carton, which I personally don’t mind because I like the cursive lettering. However, the two palettes do look almost identical which makes it difficult if you have more than one (there are also two cheek palettes and a colour correcting palette in this collection so you could potentially have five that look virtually identical). This is definitely their biggest design flaw.

Opening up the compact though, it has a very secure magnetic closure – further evidence of the quality of the packaging – and I would not be hesitant to carry this around travelling. The actual compact is quite small (a little bit smaller than my phone) and the internal is designed in a way that maximises the space.

As you can see below, both compacts feature two very large product pans, which are perfect for using all sorts of brushes, as well as a full size mirror. There is no ornament or unneeded decoration there and I really love the simple functionality of the internal design.

Product Description(s)

The two products obviously have different descriptions but, since they are still relatively similar, I figured that it would be best to put them together. These are both pressed powder palettes (which are my personal preference, since I don’t like to use cream products often).

The Super Tempting Highlight Palette is described as a three-shade highlighter to provide “radiance and luminous sheer on the skin with its transparent and clear pearls.” It claims to create instant dimension, while having smooth adherence to the skin and also a bright strobing effect that is suitable for daily wear.

The Super Tempting Shade Palette, on the other hand, is described as a three shade palette for “sharpening the face line with a natural shading effect.” Like the previous palette, it also claims to have a soft and smooth adherence to the skin. The shades are also suitable for use as jawline, nose and hair contour.

This all being said, please note that this product does have shipping limitations and, unfortunately, BB Cosmetic is unable to send it to the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Nepal, Japan or China.

Super Tempting Highlight Palette | USD$27.60

So let’s start off by talking about the Super Tempting Highlight Palette. This palette contains three different shades, a more neutral beige highlighter, a very light frosty pink and also a lavender shade. In the pan and swatched, these highlighters are very pretty, but they are more subtle when applied to the skin. If you’re like me and prefer a more blinding highlight, then you do have to build it up a bit, but if you are after something that is more natural but still very radiant – then this is a really good option.

The powders are very soft and fine, with micro-shimmers throughout them. The effect is a soft-metallic strobing highlight, the sort that is not glittery at all but instant makes your skin glow. It picks up fairly well on my brush (a natural hair fibre) but, as previously mentioned, does need to be built up if you want more intensity.

As flaw of this product though is that all three shades can look a bit similar – in particular the pink and the lavender. They are all quite light shades and I personally prefer colourful highlighters that give off a more vibrant hue.

Overall, I think that this is a pretty highlighter with a nice, finely milled formula. It does have its flaws (mostly in shade variety) but I would continue to use this on days when I want a more natural overall glow. The longevity of it is pretty average, especially since the pigmentation is softer, and I find that my natural oils fade it out within a couple of short hours. However, this type of powder highlighter is so soft and blurred on skin that it doesn’t emphasize any texture at all. I feel like people with normal to slightly dry skin may enjoy this a lot.

So, here’s the verdict!


A three pan highlighter palette


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5 (Quality but all the same)
  • REFLECT | 4/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 3/5
  • LONGEVITY | 2/5


THOUGHTS? I kind of like this palette but truthfully don’t find it very exciting to use. The formula is nice but it just didn’t work well for my personal make up preferences (which generally lean towards very bright, highlight-to-the-moon sort of finishes).

ALTERNATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS? If you’re looking for a good kbeauty highlight, I would highly recommend the Too Cool For School Artclass By Rodin Highlighter – it is super blinding and shimmery, especially considering so many kbeauty cosmetic formulas are more on the natural side.

Super Tempting Shade Palette | USD$27.60

And then there is the Super Tempting Shade Palette which is a three pan palette of matte, shading/contour shades. The formula is super soft and very smooth. Its can be a bit difficult to blend out on skin if you go too strong, so it is best to build up colour slowly. It does apply the best over powdered skin. The palette also wears pretty well through the day too and I find that it will last most of my work day on me, fading only when my actual foundation does.

I am personally not a fan of the shades though! For contour, I would usually be using for neutral or cool undertones, so I had some difficulty working with this palette as it is very warm. These would probably work best for someone with warm undertone skin, or who wants to apply this a little bit more like a bronzer.

In addition, I feel like there is too far a jump between the three shades. From lightest to darkest, the shades are meant to be used for jaw, nose and hairline contour respectively. However, the lightest shade is much too light for me to use as contour, and I generally use it to blend out the other two colours. And then, the medium shade is a little bit too light for me (and too warm), whilst the darkest shade is too dark for me to use on my nose bridge (and I can’t contour my hairline with this shade).

Overall, this is probably the palette that disappointed me the most. I like the formula and so I tried to use it every day that I was testing out the VT Cosmetic products. However, the shades just don’t work for me at all – the variation doesn’t seem correct to create the needed dimension and the actual tones are much too warm for contouring. I personally only like this palette when the three colours are combined for jawline and cheek contour.

Although the formula is really nice, I likely won’t be using this contour palette unless I’m desperate (and I buy a lot of make up so I am seldom desperate). If you have a warm skin tone, then maybe you can try this out, but I just think this was a major miss for me.


A three pan matte contour palette


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 1/5
  • LONGEVITY | 4/5


THOUGHTS? I won’t be recommending this to anyone, and it’s a shame because the actual formula has quite a lot of potential. I just can’t get over how strangely warm and poorly selected the shades were!

ALTERNATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS? If you are after a good kbeauty contour palette, the Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin Shader or the Son & Park Shading Presso (my current favourite) is a much better option.

And those were my thoughts on these two VT Cosmetics items. Keep an eye out in the next week or two because I have another two (?) reviews of their products to come! Let me know if you have any favourite items from VT Cosmetics because I’m finding some of these quite hit-or-miss and I want to know if I’m just picking the wrong items.

If you want to pick up anything from here, or one of the (to be honest, superior) alternatives that I recommended, now is a good time to check out BB Cosmetic! Remember that you can also use my affiliate code (QAL3F6ZA8YZ) for an additional 5% off, and that all orders get free shipping.

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