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I’m a big fan of modeling masks and the ones that I’ll be sharing with you today are actually from a brand that is both new and familiar to me! SUR.MEDIC+ is a brand developed by Neogenlab, so you will often see their products listed under the Neogen brand too. They are a “personal skin concierge,” using the concept of skincare first aid to develop products that are effective, easy to use and accessible anywhere. Their products cater to a variety of skin concerns too, so there’s a lot of choose from!

The masks that I will be trying out today are called the Intensive Moist/Firming/Radiance Sauce Modeling Mascream – as you can tell from that awkward name, there are three different variants to target moisture, firming or radiance. I have been gradually testing these out but haven’t used all of them yet, so will put in product information and then add in individual reviews as I go.

These were gifted to me by StyleKorean to review, so pop over there if you want to check them out. They’re under the Neogen brand and are currently on sale for USD$8.80 (usually USD$11).

And now, let’s get into this review!

Neogen Surmedic Modeling Mascream Skincare Review

About the Product

As I previously mentioned, these are modeling masks – also known as rubber masks. They’re commonly used in professional spas and beauty salons, but I’ve been seeing them more and more often as ‘at home’ treatments now. They are usually made of two components which are combined and applied onto the face. As it ‘dries,’ it forms a rubbery sort of gel sheet that locks in moisture and creates an evaporation-free barrier. This means that the skin benefiting ingredients (contained within the serum) are able to fully absorb into skin.

Unlike with sheet masks, there’s no risk of dehydration because these masks can take a very long time to dry out – in fact, Byrdie cites that “higher-quality rubber masks [remain moist for up to 72 hours].”

These masks are also applied fairly thick, something which allows them to be removed in one satisfying swoop. In salons, it’s common for them to be applied right over the eyes too – you don’t need to worry about your eye brows, these aren’t that type of peel off mask! That being said, I’m usually a little bit more conservative when I use them at home – which I will discuss a bit more below.

Neogen Surmedic Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling Mascream Skincare Review


As with most modeling masks, these all come individually packaged. They’re a bit bulky to store and, to be honest, can be a bit wasteful too. However, all parts of this packaging is actually used to combine and apply the product. Each mask comes in a transparent plastic box, which opens in the middle to form two ‘bowls’. Inside of this, you will find two separate sachets and a mixing spatula (which also doubles as an applicator).

I like the aesthetics of the sachet packaging (see below) – it’s bold, modern and simple – exactly what I’d expect from Neogen too. I especially like that they are colour coded (i.e. each variant is a different colour). It’s clearly visible from the outside, which makes it easier to choose from when they are stacked. It’s especially useful for people like me who like to stock up on masks.

However, the external packaging has a large metallic sticker on the side which cheapens the appearance of the product. The clear plastic also takes away from the ‘luxe’ aspect of this product type. This isn’t something that I would consider gifting, but would purchase for myself.

Also, the packaging is just very wasteful – and this is a common criticism for a lot of single use masks, but seems to be a bigger issue for modeling masks. They could easily remove the external plastic container (since everyone has a bowl they can use). It would also be great to use a natural ingredient for the spatula since that tends to be thrown out after use.

Neogen Surmedic Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling Mascream Skincare Review
Neogen Surmedic Modeling Mascream Skincare Review

The Different Types

All three variants of the Modeling Masks have two liquid parts – a moisture cream (larger sachet) and ampoule serum (the smaller sachet). Depending on which one you’re using, there are actually differences in the formulation for both parts, as they combine to deliver multiple skin benefits:

Neogen Surmedic Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling Mascream Skincare Review
Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling Mascream
Neogen Surmedic Intensive Firming Sauce Modeling Mascream Skincare Review
Intensive Firming Sauce Modeling Mascream
Neogen Surmedic Intensive Radiance Sauce Modeling Mascream Skincare Review
Intensive Radiance Sauce Modeling Mascream

Application & Personal Experiences

Although there are formulation differences between the three masks, their all have the same consistency and application! The two parts look like a clear gel when first dispensed, but actually mix into a more cream consistency – it starts to ‘rubber’ up quite fast and won’t dry for a couple of minutes, so I had no issue applying it. It was difficult to get a smooth and consistent application, but I don’t think this affected the efficacy of the product at all.

There is also a lot of product in a single mask. As I mentioned earlier on, these modeling masks are typically applied very thick. This helps protect the ingredients from drying out (as it will form a thicker anti-evaporation barrier) and will also allow the mask to be removed in one go. However, since I’m usually applying this on myself, I’m very conscious that these masks will usually drip until it starts to harden – which can take a few minutes.

I always try to apply the layer evenly and as generously as I can (without causing a big mess), but have never been able to finish an entire mask by myself. I actually share this with my mum and usually get two full applications out of a single tub!

Neogen Surmedic Modeling Mascream Skincare Review
Left to right: Emptying Sachet 1, Emptying Sachet 2, and the Combination of the two
Neogen Surmedic Modeling Mascream Skincare Review
Left to right: The mixture turns cream-like after it is combined. Next is an application of approximately half to three-quarters of the sachet.

After the mask is removed, there’s a dewy residue left over skin which I would usually pat in and then follow up with my usual skincare. As with all modeling masks, I think that these are amazing for hydrating and giving your skin a gorgeous glow. I find that the rubber formula is also pretty cooling and helps to calm down any redness as well.

However, which is comes to the extra benefits (like firming), I’m not sure that I can make a judgement on that based off of one application. I feel like it did firm up my mum’s complexion a bit but it was so subtle that it could have also been my own imagination. For real results, you would most likely need to use these on a regular basis – which is normal for any skincare product.

Overall, I liked these and modeling masks are always a wonderful spa experience. When it comes to effectiveness, I still think that my top favourite Dr Jart+ Shake Shot Rubber Masks give the best results but this one is easier to use. The application and mixing process is pretty fool-proof so it’s especially good for people who have never used modeling masks before.

Here’s the verdict!


A rubber type modeling mask with either moisture, radiance or firming benefits


  • Easy to use and mix
  • Colour coded packaging
  • Doesn’t dry out too fast (for application)
  • Cooling effect
  • Leaves skin very dewy and moisturised
  • Generous amount of product
  • Removes easily in one piece!


  • Expensive to use regularly
  • Packaging is wasteful


  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • PRICE POINT | 2/5
  • HYDRATION | 5/5



If you’ve never used a modelling mask before then this is a good one to start out with. I like the application process and how easy it is to mix! However, it’s main ‘downside’ is the price point so I would also recommend checking out the Dr Jart+ – it’s a little bit harder to combine but still not as hard as some others that I’ve used, and is more affordable.


If you’re keen to check out this mask, or anything else from SUR.MEDIC+ then jump on over to StyleKorean. The Intensive Moist/Firming/Radiance Sauce Modeling Mascream is currently on sale for USD$8.80 (with the full price of USD$11).

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