If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love Full Brow products and actually use their stuff on a daily basis. I recommend them all the time and have actually turned a few people onto the brand too – because who doesn’t love having great brows for a great price?

I saw an announcement on Instagram just two days ago that they will be launching some new Brow Kits – which are perfectly curated sets that all target different brow looks and preferences! These are a permanent addition to their range but, of course, it’s coming just in time for Christmas and I really think these would be a great gift.

If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on some individual products from the brand, then check out Full Brow on my blog but – otherwise – I’m going to jump right into talking about these kits!

Let’s get into it!

Essentials Brow Kit | AUD$58

The essentials brow kit is, well, an essential! This would be suitable for someone who loves a classic brow look that is effortless and natural. I personally really love the pigmentation and ease of use for the brow powder so think this is a great little set!

Included in this kit:

  • Brow Brush: This brow brush was designed to include everything you need to create fab brows! With a dense, angled brush, a spoolie and a chunky handle for easy grip, you’ll never leave the house without perfect brows again! Synthetic bristles also make for super easy cleaning, just wipe down between applications.
  • Brow Wax: Clear and non-sticky, use it on its own for a natural look, as a smoothing base under powder or as an outer seal over any brow makeup. If you’re searching for all day hold, this is the product for you, even if you’re working long days or sweating in the heat, your brows won’t be going anywhere. Nourishing and conditioning, the Wax contains castor oil to help your brows grow bushy.
  • Brow Powder: Nourishing and conditioning thanks to the vitamin E enriched formula, the powder is super smooth and easy to apply. Since it’s highly pigmented and buildable, it’s easy to create your perfect brow look.

Natural Nelly Brow Kit | AUD$40

This kit is designed for someone who likes a soft and natural brow look. If you are looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t usually do their brows (or is still learning how) then this would be a good one to go with. The brow crayon is a fairly easy to use product with minimal learning curve.

Included in this kit:

  • Brow Crayon: With a soft, powdery finish, this pencil will give you the most natural brow look on-the-go! Subtle, buildable pigments paired with a brush tip featuring 62 unique micro bristles allow you to softly blend to create your most fab brow look.
  • Brow Highlighter: Super smooth and creamy, this Highlighter is formulated with vitamin E for easy blending. Multi-purpose and a universally flattering shade, it’s perfect to also sweep across your cheek bones and cupids bow to give a healthy glow and definition!

Voluminous Brow Kit | AUD$45

Oh, this is the kit that I’m eying! This duo is curated for people who love a voluminous and fluffy brow (and for those like me who don’t have much natural brow to begin with). Since this contains a thinner crayon in comparison to the Natural Nelly, I would moreso recommend this for someone who is already quite comfortable doing their brows. Skinny pencils give more control, but can be harder to use.

Included in this kit:

  • Skinny Brow: Super slim, this is the perfect pencil for creating the most detailed hair-like strokes. The extra firm spoolie helps to create a super brushed out look so you can fill through all your sparse patches.
  • Brow Fibre: Rich pigments colour hair to cover even the most stubborn greys, while the soft finish creates a natural appearance. Hairs are locked in place all day with the light and airy non-crunchy gel finish. Coloured micro fibres create volume by mimicking the look of added hair.

Glow Kit | AUD$45

This kit is actually not exactly for the brows, but is a duo of Full Brow‘s signature glow products which will help brighten the eye area and great dimension for a more sculpted look. This is a cute one for someone to add into their existing routine which, rather than replacing it, can enhance what they already do for their brows.

Included in this kit:

  • Brighten-up Eye Cream: Super light and fluffy, wear this eye cream under or over makeup! It’s perfect for daytime because of its luminous sheen, great for a midday perk up. Gently dab it around the outer eye area to help hydrate, brighten, repair and protect. With an instant blurring effect, you can kiss those fine lines goodbye.
  • Brow Highlighter: Super smooth and creamy, this Highlighter is formulated with vitamin E for easy blending. Multi-purpose and a universally flattering shade, it’s perfect to also sweep across your cheek bones and cupids bow to give a healthy glow and definition!

Bold Brow Kit | AUD$45

And finally, we have their Bold Brow Kit! This is a great one to gift someone who loves bold, strong looks. The brow pomade is my personal go-to when it comes to my brow routine but, admittedly, it does have a bit of a learning curve. This is great for someone who wants to up the ante on their brow game.

Included in this kit:

  • Brow Clay: Insta-Glam brows your thing? Want a budge-proof brow product so you can play all day? Try our Brow Clay! A super-duper pigmented pomade type product with huge colour payoff, perfect for our bold brow babes! This fierce formula is vegan, waterproof, smudge-proof and won’t budge – even if you tried. With a smooth, velvety clay like texture, a little bit goes a long way.
  • Pro Brow Brush: Looking to spice up your brow routine? Using our Brow Clay or other creamy brow products? We have created the perfect tool, our bendy and trendy Pro Brush! Sporting a super thin, tightly packed synthetic angle tip makes applying our Brow Clay or other creamy products a cinch! The bendy silicon sphere spoolie perfectly blends cream or liquid products seamlessly without scratching or disturbing the colour application.

And that’s a quick update on the new Brow Kits that are now available at Full Brow! I love how well they’re curated – for anyone from a beginner to an advanced user, each of these kits are really well thought out and all of the products work well together.

I do have some favourites from the brand (their Brow Clay, Brow Fibre and Clear Brow Gel) so I would definitely be recommending to check out their individual products too.

Let me know down in the comments or on Instagram what you end up picking up from them this holiday season – whether it’s a gift to someone else or yourself!

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