It’s my 100th post, everyone! /throwing confetti everywhere/

So for this, I was really wanting to do something special – like maybe post something inspirational or an about me, but I felt like that was a little bit obnoxious (or I’ll write something like that if I get questions later on) so, instead, I thought that I would just write a short post to talk about my journey so far and to thank you guys!

Yes, I’m pretty bad at this.

I know that a hundred posts isn’t a big milestone for everyone, but it is a lot further than I thought I would be when I first started this blog. As with a lot of things that I do, I’m often really pushed down by my own lack of self-confidence and, before I ever allow myself to take a step forward, I’ve often already convinced myself that I would fail. This blog really wasn’t much different to that. I thought that after a week, or maybe a month, I would just end up giving up, whether it was with the excuse that I was too busy or because no one was interested.

One post turned into twenty though, and now, I’m looking at a hundred with months more of content still planned. I’m so excited about everything that’s happened in less than a year, all of the friends I’ve made, the industry people that I’ve met and the opportunities that have been presented to me.

I just want to quickly thank everyone that has been supporting me, and my blog. Your words, your messages and comments mean so much to me. I wake up in the morning checking emails and social media comments. There’s nothing that makes me more excited than when someone asks me for advice. Thank you for trusting me, believing in me and learning with me.

The fact is that I don’t know everything about make up or skincare. There’s so much more for me to learn and experiment with for myself, but I’m glad that I can share this adventure with you and I’m interested to see where Oh My Stellar will be at by the time I hit two hundred posts, or maybe a thousand.

Your support means everything to me and I hope that we can continue to interact and be friends. I am not some blogger who talks and tries to sell stuff, I’m just a girl on the internet who wants to make friends and talk about eyeliner.

Once again, thank you everyone so much! Stay warm, rest up and keep hydrated.

(PS Moisturise your neck).

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