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When it comes to toners, some people prefer super hydrating formulas and others need oil control. In the end, a lot of that comes down to your skin condition and type so – even for me – I switch a lot between products. The one thing that reminds the same though is that I love a mist toner! I would honestly finish up so many bottles of these and then refill them because I don’t see why regular bottles exist anymore (a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean).

I’m known to be carrying around a mist most of the time and I even had a small collection on my desks at home and work – so it’s clear that this is one of my favourite application methods for most things. I just find that it is so quick and simple, with no need to fuss with cotton pads and possible spillage. For someone who is usually running short on time, anything to simplify my skincare routine is preferred.

StyleKorean recently contacted me about testing out a new product that they are yet to officially stock – just because they want more real opinions on the products before launching. I really respect this so I definitely jumped on board right away. This is the 24 Hour Secret Mist Plus from the brand Ground Plan. It is currently not on sale on the StyleKorean website yet but I will definitely be updating this post when it is. In the meantime, check out their website and let’s get on with this review!

Product Description

This product is advertised as being ‘not your average mist‘. It is actually Ground Plan’s most well known product, having some 3 million bottles in Korea over the last 3 years. It aims to redefine the role of a mist in your skincare routine. Although Mists are often considered secondary or additional steps for skincare, the 24 Hour Secret Mist Plus aims to be an essential step. It takes the place of your skin toner and will hydrate, soothe, prep and help to calm irritation (especially great for people with a sensitive skin type).

The main point of difference between this product and your average mist is that Ground Plan’s 24 Hour Secret Mist does not contain any purified water. Instead, they use 85% Witch Hazel Extract, a great ingredient for tightening skin and minimising pores, as well as oil control. It is also balanced out with Glycerin and Anais Fruit Extract. This product contains 100% natural extract, making it so gentle that this can even be used on babies.


So I love the packaging of this product because this minimalist, modern aesthetic is totally down my alley. I actually think that I’ll be keeping this bottle after I’m done too because its so nice. Anyway.

The 24 Hour Secret Mist comes in a white unit carton (see photos above) which have a subtle foiled effect and a very clean design. It is made from basic white cardboard but the quality is good. The overall look is more high-end and trendy, looking like a very professional product. I love that the foil detail matches their logo and, if I were to gift this to anyone, the box alone would look great.

Opening it up, the mist comes in a very interesting brushed chrome silver bottle while is made of a lightweight metal (Aluminium? I’m not good with this material). It has a white sticker label and a black plastic cap. Although the design is very simple, it has a very polished look that reflects the brand well. My favourite part is the actual spray which has great coverage and is also relatively fine (without being too fine like a micro-mist). The applicator is easy to use and good quality.

Overall, the packaging design has a great minimalist and mature aesthetic to it, while still being very modern and trendy. This is also a very travel friendly product since it is smaller in size, very sturdy (because of the metal bottle) but still super lightweight. This is an easy one to chuck into your bag for every day use.

Personal Experiences

I personally used this product both in the morning and at night; the results were so good and I am honestly about to finish up this bottle so I hope that StyleKorean does stock it (so I can buy it).

For mornings, I use this Secret Mist alone in place of my entire skincare routine (except for SPF). Yes, I would even skip moisturiser after using this. I found that it hydrated my skin so well that I didn’t need anything else and the benefits of this product lasted well throughout the day too. I feel like this is due to the use of Witch Hazel Extract and Glycerin in the formulation, since a started purified water mist will generally only provide immediate hydration (and will somewhat dry out your skin) – it really locks in moisture and works deeper than an average mist does! Even after removing my make up at the end of the day, my face still feels supple, hydrated and soothed.

For my evening routine, I use this mist as a toner before following up with the rest of my skincare. This product can also be used as a ‘pack’ by soaking cotton pads with it – however, this seems like it would use up a lot of product so I haven’t used it this way. Used as a toner, this mist does a good job of immediately soothing and hydrating my skin.

However, since I do have oily-combination skin, I’m not sure if it can properly prep my skin for absorption of other skincare. I’m used to using strong oil control and exfoliating toners to help clear pores so I find that I miss some of my other acidic toners sometimes. If your skin is like mine, I would recommend to use this 24 Hour Secret Mist interchangeably with other toners. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, then this will be perfect.


A toner mist that uses 85% Witch Hazel Extract and not purified water


  • 100% natural extracts
  • No purified water (which can dry out skin)
  • Gorgeous modern packaging
  • Sturdy and travel friendly bottle
  • Great applicator spray (fine but not too fine)
  • Lightly scented but is hardly noticeable
  • Lightweight and quick absorbing on skin
  • Long lasting hydration benefits
  • Immediately soothes skin
  • Can be used on sensitive skin or even children


  • Not sure if prepping skin well enough as a toner
  • No exfoliation benefits (no claims either though)


  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • SCENT | 5/5
  • ABSORPTION | 4/5
  • HYDRATION | 5/5
  • SOOTHING | 5/5



Yes. Honestly, even though I do mention that I like to use different types of toners for my skin type, I still love using this 24 Hour Secret Mist when I need a more gentle, hydrating option. I am especially amazed by the longevity and effectiveness of the hydrating benefits. I love that it has almost completely replaced my morning skincare routine.

This would be the perfect product for people with sensitive or dry skin types, but others like myself (with oily or combination skin) will also love this just maybe use it more as a hydrating mist rather than a daily toner.


This product is currently under consideration with StyleKorean so it isn’t available yet but I will update this post when it is!

And that’s my review of their 24 Hour Secret Mist Plus! I really enjoyed the product as a hydrating mist and I feel like this would be the perfect toner for other skin types too. It’s definitely won me over so I hope that this product will come into stock on StyleKorean soon (promise that I will keep you all updated).

In addition to that mist, I was also sent a bunch of samples from the Ground Plan brand and you can see that they have a serious range of products under their belt. I actually haven’t tried these out yet, since I’m still trying to organise myself, and I don’t have any detailed information on them but I just wanted to leave you with some photos of the brand’s offerings.

Let me know in the comments if there are any specific products that you want me to test out but otherwise, I will be keeping everyone updated on Instagram with these sample product reviews!

L-R: 24 Hour Secret Mist Gel Moisture, First Clear Skin, Day & Night Moisture Cream and Oh My Family non-chemical sunscreen
First Clear 2-in-1 Peeling Pad
Secret Bubble Whipping Foam Cleanser and Secret Fresh Hydrating Gel Cream
Six Sense Face Oil

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