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Last week I wrote a review on a Ground Plan product that had been sent to me by StyleKorean prior to its release. This week, I’ll be reviewing a set from the About Me brand – a beauty brand from the Korean conglomerate Samyang group that claims to draw knowledge of the vast number of sectors that the company has worked in. This set not on the website yet but the individual masks from this set are available. This MediAnswer Set contains the Collagen Firming up Mask and the Collagen Lift Up Band, both anti-aging products that claim to work absolute miracles.

Being fairly young and having enough baby fat on my face to be confused for a silly teenager, most anti-aging products don’t show up result on my skin. At the very most, they would be useful as a preventative method. For this reason, I also enlisted the help of my mum to test these out (especially the Collagen Lift Up Band). The Firming Up Mask I used on myself only so I will give my thoughts based off of my own skin.

Although I don’t know the price for this set yet, the individual masks are available and – to be honest – the price is a bit expensive but still relatively affordable in comparison to Western high end brands. The Collagen Firming Up Mask (in a box set of 4) sells for USD$28.12, whilst the Collagen Lift Up Band (also in a set of 4) sells for USD$34.65 – they are both available on the StyleKorean website now along with a wide range of other products from the About Me brand.

Before I let you hop off onto their website though, let’s get into this review!

StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Lift Up Band and Firming Up Mask

StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Firming Up Mask

MediAnswer Collagen Firming Up Mask (Set of 4) | USD$28.12

The MediAnswer Collagen Firming Up Mask is a hydrogel sheet mask that contains a high percentage of collagen extract (77%) to help give a smoother and more supple complexion. The use of hydrogel and their patented TDS technology (Transdermal Delivery System) helps the product to penetrate deeper into the inner skin layer.

This is a product that will give you that bouncy, elasticity from deep within – it does more than just hydrate your skin surface. According to the description, it “creates real suppleness by restoring skin’s natural collagen level.”

This mask contains five main ingredients:

  • Collagen extract 77%: Based on Collagen 100% imported from France
  • 17 Amino Acids: Moisturises and brightens skin tone
  • 4 Peptide complexes: Improves skin suppleness and reduces wrinkles
  • Damask rose water: Hydrates skin
  • Adenosine and Niacinamide: For wrinkle improvement and skin brightening respectively
StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Firming Up Mask
StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Firming Up Mask
StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Firming Up Mask


As previously mentioned, this product comes in a set of four. The masks are housed in a simple silver box with an image of the mask shape (showing that it has two individual pieces) as well as some basic information on the product printed. Both the inner and outer unit cart have the same print, which means that you don’t necessarily need to keep the box to have the information.

Overall, I think that the packaging looks okay. It definitely isn’t as exciting as some other more commercial brands, but I feel like the design of this gives it a very slick and professional feel. The quality of the box and of the package has a nice feel to it too, with a matte and smooth texture and some hint of a UV varnish. It does look expensive, just maybe more practical than luxurious.

StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Firming Up Mask
StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Firming Up Mask

Personal Experiences

And above I have some photos of me using the mask. Honestly, these are not my most flattering shots but it’s actually quite difficult to move once the mask is on. The actual application was this collagen mask was very easy and straight forward – having two pieces meant that I could get a better fit around my face.

However, this material does not adhere as well as your usual mask (cotton or hydrogel) and I actually had it slip off at first! This is something that I would put on but then have to lie back to keep it in place. It takes around five minutes for some of that initial slip to absorb so you move a bit again.

I used this mask for around 20-25 minutes before it was mostly soaked up – though these types of masks hardly ever totally dry (and that’s a good thing). You could definitely tell that my skin had absorbed most of the essence because the material felt a lot thinner and dehydrated by then. There was a bit left over my skin so I tapped it in, but the overall finish wasn’t too dewy and I can imagine this would be a good one to use before going out.

This gave my skin an immediate brightening and hydrated appearance, with visible suppleness to my skin. It also soothed out the redness on my skin too, most likely because the actual mask was quite cooling when applied. Since I don’t have many wrinkles, it’s hard for me to comment on that aspect – especially since this seems to be a product that needs to be used long term for anti-wrinkle effects. My initial thoughts are positive though and I did enjoy using this!

Here’s the verdict!


A deeply penetrating hydrogel mask with anti-wrinkle, brightening and hydration benefits


  • PRICE POINT | 2/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • ADHERENCE | 2/5
  • SOOTHING | 5/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • ANTI-AGING | 4/5


THOUGHTS? I did enjoy this mask though, according to the information about it online, I would likely need to use this for a good two weeks to be seeing more results (and that would require more than four masks I think). The immediate results are promising though and this is a mask that I wouldn’t hesitate to reach for again – especially if it forces me to stop working and actually lie down for a bit!

StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Lift Up Band

MediAnswer Collagen Lift Up Band (Set of 4) | USD$34.65

Out of the two, this was definitely the more interesting product and one that I was personally really excited to use (and also really excited to stick it onto my mother). This is a lifting band that helps to lift aging skin and claims to help maintain that coveted v-line. It has four main points:

  • Uses patented TDS technology from Samyang BioFarm to deliver benefits deep into the skin
  • Has a 3 stage lifting system – to fill, lift and hold
  • This is clinically tested and has completed a skin irritation test
  • Delivers collagen deep into your skin with TDS technology to improve skin elasticity

Packaging wise, this product comes housed in a long silver box – almost the same as the mask in that it also has the same design and materials (just with different information and a longer shape to suit the product). I usually talk about this separately but, since it is so similar, I will just leave it at this for now.

StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Lift Up Band
StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Lift Up Band
StyleKorean Review About Me Medianswer Collagen Lift Up Band


So when you are using this product, the strangest thing will be learning how to apply it. This is actually not a regular type of sheet mask and is more like a stick-on physiotherapy band, so I was pretty surprised when I opened it up. Here are the steps for applying the band, along with some tips tht I learnt on the way:

  • Apply your skincare before using this mask (tip: I personally only used my toner and a lightweight essence before using this because I feel like my usual multi-step skincare would absolutely ruin the adherence of this mask).
  • Remove the film and then place the centre indent to align with your chin (tip: do not stick this on until you are fully ready because this band can’t be removed and reused and they are too expensive to be wasting).
  • Hold onto the two ends of the band and stick the centre of the band against your jawline (tip: don’t go too far in to your neck; you want to be placing this between your chin and neck)
  • Gently pull the band up against your face when your v-line is and stick that part down too (tip: pull the band gently so there is a little bit of resistance but don’t overdo it – stretching it too far can cause skin to wrinkle and sag, like if you rub your eyes too much)
  • Press the sides of the band down for approximately 10 seconds to ensure that it is adhered (tip: make sure you haven’t got your hair caught because honey, you’ll be in for a real awakening)
  • Leave the band on for around 15-20 minutes max before removing it gently. Don’t pull too vigorously or try to rip it off like a bandaid because this may irritate or damage skin (tip: also, you’re about to get a free face wax)
  • Finish up with your skincare
Me using it for the first time – no visible results on me as my skin is very taut, just with lots of face chub
My mum’s results after using it once (before, during and after) – note that subtle but still visible smoothing of her jawline

Personal Experiences

If you have sensitive skin then, honestly, I would not recommend using this band because it really adheres to your skin like glue and the removal – although not painful – is actually a bit rougher on the skin than I would usually want. Aside from that though, I did see some visible immediate results on my mum but, according to the description, would likely need to be using this band for a solid 2 weeks to see the more dramatic results that are promised.

On me, there were no visible results at all. This is likely because my skin is actually very tight already (being quite young) and that the main issue I have is with a chubby face. This band can help to lift aging skin, hence why it worked on my skin, but won’t do anything for a real double chin (LOL).

So, here’s the verdict!


An strongly adhesive elastic band to provide collagen to skin and lift your face, creating or maintaining your v-line


  • PRICE POINT | 1/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • ADHERENCE | 5/5
  • LIFTING | 2/5 (visible, not dramatic)


THOUGHTS? I could see some results with this lifting band but to be honest, the immediate results were very subtle and didn’t blow me away. If you do want to use this product, I feel like you would need to invest to buy at least two weeks worth of this mask (so around five packs) to see the results that you’re wanting. If this were a more affordable mask then I wouldn’t mind doing that, since I understand that these natural lifts do take time, but at USD$34.65 for four, I feel like this is going to be quite expensive.

If you don’t mind spending the money and you want to try this out, then I would recommend it since it does have some visible effects. Otherwise, I feel like this is not a sustainable maintenance option.

So that was the two masks that came in this MediAnswer Set from About Me! In addition to that, the set has this really impressive looking box (which has a massive mirror in it) and also this cute ruler for measuring your v-line. I feel like this would be a good set box to be gifting so, if this does come to StyleKorean, I will be sure to update this!

In the mean time, check out StyleKorean for their range of About Me products and let me know below if you’ve tried out (and loved) anything from their brand that I should check out!

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