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Eyeshadow palettes are a personal weakness of mine and, when it comes to kbeauty make up, I really can’t pass up on 3CE! Created by the fashion brand Stylenanda, 3CE is especially well known for their colour cosmetics – their style is quite experimental so they often have very glittery or bright formulas which are harder to find in other brands. I’ve been a fan of their eyeshadows ever since I discovered their One Colour Eyeshadows, where they have pretty much the best matte orange that I have ever found in Korea, so I have a lot of confidence in their formulas.

The main criticism that I’ve had in the past has been the price point – however, this is much improved! The Beach Muse Multi Eye Colour Palette (which I will be reviewing today) is selling at StyleKorean for USD$31.90 (discounted from USD$45.60). It’s still more expensive than other Korean roadshop brands but, with a great formula, solid colour scheme and a strong brand image, I think that the premium price point makes sense.

If you want to get your hands on this palette, or anything else from 3CE really, pop on over to StyleKorean! But before all of that, lets get into this review.

StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review

Product Description

The Beach Muse Multi Eye Colour Palette is a nine pan eyeshadow palette with a blend of matte, sequin, shimmer and glitter shades. The overall colour scheme leans towards pink and peach tones, with a romantic spring vibe. The product description also claims that this is suitable for both cool and warm toned skin.

This is actually one of many nine pan palettes that 3CE have released. I have previously reviewed Plot Twist back in 2018 and they have since also released Overtake (pink-brown tones), Smoother (an all matte nude palette), and All Nighter (all glitter palette) along with some more compact Mini Quads – all of which are currently available on StyleKorean by the way (wink wink). Considering how famous they were for their single eyeshadows, these have always been very popular – and highly collectable too!

Key selling points for the Beach Muse palette are:

  • Soft Matte Textures: Contains fine particles from mineral powders for a soft texture that is fresh, highly blendable and lays down with clear, even colour payoff.
  • Creamy Shimmers: Infused with flat translucent powders and creamy melting oils, these have a buttery texture with even colour payoff and covetable shimmer.
  • Radiant Eyes with Sparkling Glitter: Iridescent and highly reflective diamond-like glitters help to create a glamorous and glossy eye look.
StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review
StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review
StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review


The packaging for the Beach Muse Multi Eye Palette is both parts minimalist and luxe. The unit carton is in a solid peach tone, with a simple logo and type print. It’s understated but looks trendy, and sits perfectly in line with the rest of the 3CE brand.

Opening it up, the palette is also quite nice. The actual packaging, with the large clear front and simple logo print, is used by some other kbeauty brands too (such as Etude House). It makes maximum use of space with a streamlined and simple approach, making it a great option for travelling or keeping in your handbag. None of the Multi Eye Palette range contain mirrors, but I don’t think this is really necessary.

The main thing that gives the packaging a luxe feel is the soft matte finish of the plastic. It can get a bit dirty, especially with glitters, but is still easy enough to clean. The colour coding to match the palette theme is a nice touch, especially to differentiate when you own multiple. I also like the quality of the case, which clicks shut securely and feels solid enough to travel with.

Overall, the packaging design for the Beach Muse Multi Eye Palette is very understated but, while it is not totally unique in shape or form, still retains a luxury vibe through the quality and materials. Whilst I don’t think the design is especially exciting, I still like it.

StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review

A Little Tidbit on the 3CE Brand

With the number of monochromatic collections that 3CE has been releasing, I just really wanted to share my observation on the brand history of this! For those who have been a fan of 3CE for a long time, you may remember that they were initially known for their solid black matte packaging (along with some bolder hot pink collections). Ever since the popularity of their nude toned Mood Recipe Collection though, they have been releasing more of these monochromatic ranges with colour coded packaging.

Personally, I’m all for it. I think that this monochromatic style has become so synonymous with 3CE over the years that they can definitely carry it over to many future collections. However, I do wonder if they will expand to more bright palettes later on. Their recent releases have seen clear and translucent palette compacts, as well as larger palettes in the traditional black packaging, but I would like to see how they might approach a rainbow matte palette (because I loved their bright matte eyeshadows).

In general, 3CE has been very good at creating a cohesive brand identity and experience so… from a design perspective, I’m just excited to see how it grows.

StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review
StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review

Shade Range and Formula

StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review

The formula for this palette is really pretty good – I especially like their matte, sequin and shimmers. The pigmentation is absolutely striking – you can get near opacity in one swipe for a finger swatch, and the colours also pick up well on a brush. They’re true to how they look in the pan too and blend together seamlessly – very easy to use and I think they would show up well on a multitude of skin tones. Even the pastel shades build up well.

That being said, I’m not a fan of the first glitter shade. It has a translucent base and reflect is more sparse than what is shown in the official swatches. It’s pretty if you use it on the middle of the eye or over the entire eye, but I personally avoid using it in the inner corner. It just gets very ‘all over the place’ and I find it to be a hard formula to control. I wish that they had a stronger glitter payoff (like a pressed glitter) or a creamier formula.

The Beach Muse palette doesn’t name the shades individually, so here’s a break down of the shades from top to bottom, left to right:

  • Shade 1 (Glitter): Clear base with an iridescent purple and pink glitter
  • Shade 2 (Matte): Matte peachy orange
  • Shade 3 (Shimmer): Pearlescent peachy base with fine pink and orange glitters
  • Shade 4 (Matte): Matte cool toned pink
  • Shade 5 (Sequin): Matte medium warm pink with silver and pink glitters
  • Shade 6 (Shimmer): Metallic warm rose-copper with pink and gold glitters
  • Shade 7 (Matte): Matte medium rose-pink
  • Shade 8 (Shimmer): Metallic deep rose-brown
  • Shade 9 (Sequin): Matte medium coral with gold glitters
StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review
StyleKorean 3CE Beach Muse Eye Palette Kbeauty Review

Personal Experiences

As you must have gathered from my review, I love 3CE and I really enjoying using the Beach Muse Multi Eye Colour Palette. It isn’t perfect and I would love to see some improvement for the glitter shade, but these mattes and shimmers (which are probably more metallics than anything) are absolutely buttery and soft. The colour payoff is gorgeous, even for the paler shades, and I can see myself reaching for this very often! Although the colour story is pink themed, I like that they have mixed in some more rosy and brown shades to make this more wearable for daily make up. There’s also a good variation of depth to do either natural or bold eye looks – this would be a really great travel palette.

I recall that I had some concerns with creasing for the previous Plot Twist palette, but don’t seem to have that issue now. Again, I do have very watery eyes so my shadow will always crease if I’m particularly sensitive on the day, but otherwise these seem to wear well throughout the day with minimal to no fading. I always use an eyeshadow primer underneath too, which I think helps with both longevity and pigmentation.

3CE have so many different Multi Eye Colour Palettes so I don’t think that my recommendation is only for the Beach Muse palette. I also enjoyed the Plot Twist palette, even though I ended up giving away – I had grown bored of nudes at the time but, now that I like them again, I really regret getting rid of it! I definitely think that I’ll start getting back into collecting these 3CE shadows and even experimenting with more of their eye glitters and quads.

So, here’s the verdict!


A nine pan eyeshadow palette with mattes, sequin, shimmer and glitter textures


  • Strong brand aesthetic
  • Luxe feel and good quality packaging
  • Versatile and cohesive colour story
  • Strong colour payoff for mattes ad sequin shades
  • Smooth and buttery metallic/shimmer shades
  • Compact and suitable for travelling


  • Packaging isn’t very exciting
  • More expensive than other kbeauty brands
  • Glitter shade is too sparse


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 5/5



I absolutely love the matte, sequin and shimmer formulas in this palette. Even though I’m not a fan of that glitter shade, there’s only one in the palette and I am very happy with the rest. I can see myself reaching for this pretty often for casual, simple daily looks. I would definitely recommend to check out the 3CE Multi Eye Colour Palettes, whether it is the Beach Muse one or if you want to start out with their Mini Multi Eye Colour Palettes (the quads).

All of this being said, I just recently picked up an all glitter quad from 3CE which seems to have both a pressed chunky glitter, and some more intense fine glitter shades. I hope that they have improved on that formula. I also want to see them branch out of neutral tones and do a bright, popping palette!


If you’re keen on the Beach Muse Multi Eye Colour Palette, head on over to StyleKorean where it’s currently selling for USD$31.90 (discounted from USD$45.60). They also have a range of other 3CE products that I would recommend checking out – their Triple Shadows are totally *chefs kiss*

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