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If you’re a fan of Romand and glitter, then I’m certain that you’ve already seen this palette. After the popularity of their initial four Better Than Palettes (which I also reviewed here and on Instagram), they actually released another two – Shade & Shadow and Light & Glitter. The first is an all-matte brown palette, similar to the Dusty Fog Garden but with more neutral tones. It’s great for contouring or a natural, no-make up look. Meanwhile, the second is an all-glitter palette, featuring a number of different textures and reflects!

The Light & Glitter is definitely the one that caught my eye the most – I love the Romand glitter formula and having an entire ten pan palette of options sounded like a dream come true. That being said, they’re both currently available on StyleKorean (USD$24, on sale from USD$30) so pop on over there if you’re already keen on them.

If you need some more information to decide though, read on this review for full details and swatches!

Product Description

The Light & Glitter is essentially that; a ten-pan, all-glitter palette. It’s an easy companion product to compliment any eye look, featuring five different textures to create a sparkling, three-dimensional shine. It claims to have a unique formula that ‘melts’ at body temperature for easy application and minimal fall out.

The different shades include:

  • Dew Drop (Drop Glitter): Iridescent white-silver glitter
  • Twinkle Pink (Mist Glitter): Pink micro-glitters with an iridescent reflect
  • Fairy Glitter (Aurora Glitter): Light pink glitter in teal and orange reflect
  • Shining Rose (Glitter Bomb): Magenta glitters with a gold and red reflect (see NOTE)
  • Purple Fantasy (Aurora Glitter): Purple glitters with a blue and rose toned reflect
  • Champagne Flow (Mist Glitter): Pale gold micro-glitters with a pink and yellow reflect
  • Glory Ivory (Bermuda Flake): Pale, pink-gold with a yellow, orange and pink reflect
  • Goldish Tear (Shimmer): Gold micro-glitters with a yellow-gold reflect
  • Rainbow Bubble (Glitter Bomb): Burgundy glitter with an iridescent gold-yellow reflect (see NOTE)
  • Sparkling Red (Bermuda Flake): Warm, red glitter with an orange and green reflect

Within those shades, there are five different textures, including:

  • Drop Glitter: Small, individual glitters (regular round)
  • Mist Glitter: Dense micro-glitter formula
  • Aurora Glitter: A combination of glitters (regular round and hexagonal) in a clear, soft base
  • Glitter Bomb: A combination of regular round and micro-glitters (see NOTE)
  • Shimmers: Semi-dense micro-glitter formula (in comparison, not as intense as the Mist Glitter)
  • Bermuda Flakes: Dense small glitters (regular round and irregular flakes) with a soft, slightly iridescent base

NOTE: The Glitter Bomb formula is a bit confusing as there are two glitter sizes in the ‘Shining Rose’ shade, but only small, round glitters in the ‘Rainbow Bubble’ shade. I personally think that the ‘Rainbow Bubble’ shade is more like the Drop Glitter.


The packaging for this is pretty much the same as their other Better than Palettes so, if you’re a collector, you’d be glad to know that they stack together perfectly. The external unit carton using a light pink colour with added ‘sparkle’ graphics around the Romand logo to suit the concept. The cardboard has a soft touch finish and is supported with a thin corrugated cardboard inside, ensuring that the packaging will retain shape during shipping, as well as minimising any possible damage.

When it comes to the actual palette, it is housed in a clear plastic case (much like the others) but, instead of a tinted base, this palette uses a clear frosted plastic. The Romand logo is also printed in a metallic silver foil to suit the colour scheme. The material is great too – very sturdy – and has a unique ‘internal’ closure design that would make this highly suitable in your handbag or for travelling.

From left to right: Dew Drop, Twinkle Pink, Fairy Glitter, Shining Rose and Purple Fantasy
From left to right: Champagne Flow, Glory Ivory, Goldish Tear, Rainbow Bubble and Sparkling Red

Personal Experiences

Naturally, I love this palette. I love using glitters in my make up looks and, with all of these colours and textures, I can see myself reaching for this all the time. The favourite is the Mist Glitter formula – it really packs a punch and is absolutely stunning on the center of the lid. This is and the Shimmer formula are both ones that would be easy to pop on on fast mornings – they don’t really need any glitter glue or base to adhere.

For the others, I would recommend laying down a very light spot of glitter glue (or a tacky primer) and then pressing it on with your finger tips. The Aurora Glitter and Bermuda Flake formulas are super pretty but the Glitter Drop is one that totally transforms with a good base. The reflect is amazing and there is a visible difference between the shades and textures – it allows for a lot of experimenting and play!

Overall, I enjoy this palette and would recommend it for everyone that’s a fan of glitter. There’s a lot of versatility in this palette and, as a companion palette, it’d be perfect to brighten up any eye look – when ever something feels boring to me, or if the base shadow didn’t blend as well as I wanted it to, I just pop a sparkle onto the lid to fix it up!

Here’s the verdict!


A ten-pan all-glitter palette with five different textures


  • Good price point
  • Great quality packaging (sturdy, lightweight and doesn’t open easily – good for travel)
  • Good range of colours and textures
  • Stunning, iridescent reflects – great for a ‘k-pop idol’ make up look
  • Applies easily with a fingertip


  • Some textures are more prone to fall out and needs a glitter glue/tacky primer


  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • REFLECT | 5/5
  • ADHERENCE | 3/5



I would absolutely recommend this for any glitter lovers – the variety of textures is so much fun and the reflects are absolutely show-stopping. As someone who has been a massive fan of Romand glitters ever since the Dry Evening Primrose quad, I’m so happy to be able to get an entire palette of these. That being said, I would always recommend to use this with a glitter glue – this prevents any fall out during the day. You should also make sure to remove your eye make up carefully afterwards so as not to get any particles into your eyes.


The Light & Glitter palette is now available at StyleKorean for USD$24 (full priced USD$30). I’d also recommend to check out some of the other Better Than Palettes while you’re at it too – their regular palettes (with a matte and glitter mix) are so beautiful!

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