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I used to be really bad with cleansing but I have been rather religious with it since I got into k-beauty (thank goodness). I usually shift between cleansing balms or cleansing oils, mostly just dependent on what I’m testing out at the time; I don’t really have a formula preference but I do want something that is super effective on waterproof make up and also quick to use in the shower.

Lately, I’ve been using the Blackout Perfect Cleansing Oil from APLB. This was one of the products that StyleStory had sent for me to review and – seriously – it’s so good! I have been using this every day since receiving it and I think this has set a new standard for cleansing oils for me. Previously, I’ve enjoyed the Banila Co Clean it Zero Balm and Neogen Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil but even they pale (if only just a little) in comparison.

The Blackout Perfect Cleansing Oil is available on the StyleStory website for AUD$32.95 and, of course, they do free shipping for all Australian orders over AUD$60 too. Pop onto their website to check this out (I highly recommend it) but, before you do…

Let’s get into this review!

Product Description

The Blackout Perfect Cleansing Oil is described as a gentle cleansing oil with a lightweight texture that lightly exfoliates, controls blackheads/ sebum, deep cleanses impurities from skin and also removes make up. This product is especially recommended for people who are sensitive to or have redness after using regular cleansing oils, as well as those who are concerned with blackheads or congested skin.

According to the description, this product is also cruelty-free and uses botanical oils. Other star ingredients include:

  • Black Food 3x complex: This is made with black bean extracts, clay and black sesame. It protects skin from sensitivities, removes impurities, hydrates and provides hydration.
  • Salicylic Acid: A natural BHA that works to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of skin.
  • Avocado Oil:  This is rich in fatty acids and excellent for moisturising the skin.
  • Macadamia Seed Oil: Unlike coconut oil, this doesn’t clog pores and is rich in healing, anti-aging benefits.

As a cleansing oil, this is generally used as a first cleanser in the double cleansing method (which I usually subscribe to religiously). However, this product actually emulsifies so thoroughly that I find myself using it alone most of the time. It still cleanses my skin perfectly and leaves it feeling super soft and hydrated. I suppose that following up with a foam cleanser would still be the best practice but it works just as well without.


The packaging for the Blackout Perfect Cleansing Oil is similar to other products from APLB in that they all come in a white unit carton with dark gray-brown accents to suit the bottle design. It has a soft matte coating with spot UV accents so the box both looks and good pretty decent quality. I also like that there is a print of the bottle on the outside, which is a unique design touch.

Opening it up, the oil comes in a dark tinted 200mL bottle with a sticker label around it. From what I can see, it has a matte cello coating so it should be fine getting wet in the shower too but I personally keep it outside on my sink (as I do with all of my cleansing oils). I like that it has a protective clasp around the pump too so that it’s safe if you want to take this travelling. It’s a fairly big bottle so I would personally not take it overseas (due to weight) but it is secure enough for any local or short trips.

In general, the packaging looks great. I think it has a modern, trendy look to it with a good quality matte sticker (which adds to a ‘luxe’ experience). However, I have a big issue with the pump. It’s quite tough so, when I do dispense the product, it tends to be sudden and messy (i.e. it splashes everywhere). To counteract this, I would generally use it over the shower or sink but I prefer not having to do this.

Personal Experiences

Aside from the issue with dispensing though, this is a really wonderful cleansing oil! As I mention often, I wear a lot of waterproof make up – everything from my foundation to my mascara is super stubborn (because I’m out for long hours and also have allergies that make my eyes water constantly). Most of the time, I need to do a double cleanse to ensure that all make up residue is removed but, with the Blackout Perfect Cleansing Oil, I can do that all in one step.

The product is smooth and rubs over skin easily (though I don’t notice the light exfoliation that they mention). It dissolves make up quickly and effectively, even waterproof mascara. This formula also surprisingly doesn’t sting eyes at all – I’m not sure if this is because it’s more gentle or that the ingredients work better for me.

In addition, this cleansing oil is very easily washed off with water – most cleansing oils emulsify in water but aren’t usually so thorough (which is another reason why a second cleanse is also recommended). For this though, I can just wash it off under the shower water and there is absolutely zero oil residue left; instead, skin feels hydrated, soft and clean.

Perhaps the only downside that I found in the Blackout Perfect Cleansing Oil is the scent – it’s strong and while I did get used to it eventually, it was almost overwhelming the first few times. It has a very sugary scent that reminds me of black sugar scrubs, which would be even more intensified if you’re in a steamed up bathroom.

All in all though, this is definitely a cleansing oil that I enjoy (and have come to love). I’ll be continuing to use this even after this review and, if I don’t discover a better one, I’ll also be looking into repurchasing it. This product does have its flaws so, depending on what is a dealbreaker for you, then maybe you’ll feel differently. Personally though, this ticks all of the boxes that I need.

And… here’s the verdict!


A lightweight cleansing oil suited for those concerned with redness, sensitive skin or clogged pores.


  • Good packaging design – secure clasp
  • Dissolves stubborn makeup easily
  • Fully emulsifies to be washed off with water
  • Doesn’t sting eyes
  • No oil residue
  • Keeps skin hydrated and feeling fresh


  • Very strong sugary scent
  • Difficult dispenser (messy)


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • SCENT | 2/5
  • EASE OF USE (WASH OFF) | 5/5
  • CLEANSING | 5/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5



Absolutely! I am very confident to recommend this oil cleanser for all skin types, especially for people who have combination to oily skin or wear heavy make up, since this is a formula that will wash off without any greasiness. That being said though, you do need to keep in mind the issue with the strong scent and the dispensing mechanism but, if these aren’t dealbreakers for you, then definitely check it out.


The Blackout Perfect Cleansing Oil is available from StyleStory for AUD$32.95 – they also offer free shipping Australia wide for all orders over AUD$60 or a flat rate of USD$11 for international orders.

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