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CLIO is one of those k-beauty brands that I trust when it comes to make up. Of course, it’s natural that not all of their products suit my skin type (for example, those very popular dewy cushion foundations look ridiculous on me), they are still very consistent with their quality and brand values. I’ve been in love with them since back when I was studying in Korea and my friend got me into their Kill Brow and Kill Black lines, and those are still products that I recommend to this day!

The CLIO brand is all about bringing professional artistry quality makeup to an affordable, road shop setting. When you go into their stores, you’ll find that everything is somewhat nightlife and club inspired (hence they call themselves Club CLIO) so you can expect high pigmentation, long wearing and life-proof formulations.

StyleKorean just sent me through three of the Veil Tint Dewy (which I have been eying because of the gorgeous monochromatic packaging). I chose three shades from different colour families – Maroon Blood, Rose Milk Tea and Taro Rose – as I wanted to give a wholistic overview on how these perform.

If you want to get your hands on them, they are selling for USD$9.60 each (on sale from USD$19.20) at StyleKorean. But before that, lets get into this review!

Product Description

According to the website, this product is essentially a water tint. That isn’t a type of formula that I usually go for, as I find a lot of water tints too drying, but I was interested in this due to the glossy finish and the relatively creamy look of the formula.

The three main selling points of the Veil Tint Dewy is:

  • Translucent coloring: It has a translucent pigmentation with a naturally vitalising look
  • Dewy glow: This water tint contains a moisturising serum to keep lips hydrated and smooth, while also minimising stickiness
  • Long-lasting coating: The tint creates a long wearing MLBB effect

There are ten shades available in varying tones of bright reds, corals and soft mauves, which is relatively varied for a lip tint. However, these colours do have a translucent finish so the final pigmentation is affected by your natural lip colour too. I found that the colour guide was mostly accurate to how the product looked in the tube (and even applied to the arm), but not so much once it’s on my lips. They are more of a rough guideline as I feel like this product will look different on a lot of people.


So the main thing that originally drew me to this product was the packaging (which isn’t exactly a rare occurrence). I often talk about wanting my lip products to be colour coded for ease of use and the Veil Tint Dewy is honestly a dream come true in that aspect.

The unit carton for this lip tint is fairly simple. It has a glossy finish with a monochromatic gradient (from lighter to darker of the same shade). The colour of the box is pretty much the same as the tube design, which is based off of the individual tint shades. The feel of this is pretty basic, it’s nothing luxe or fancy, but I like the design and don’t have any issue with it.

Opening it up, the Veil Tint Dewy has a fully transparent plastic tube – which is actually pretty good quality – and gives a clear view of the product inside (that is, there is no frosting and minimal print to distract). In addition, it also has a colour coded cap which clicks on very securely and is quite lightweight, making it something easy to throw into your handbag too. I also like that it has a squared shape, which allows it to sit safely on my vanity.

In general, I stand by my opinion that the packaging for this tint is perfect. Putting aside the average looking unit carton (which I personally don’t mind as most people will throw it out anyway), this tube design ticks all of my personal preferences – transparent, colour coded, travel-friendly and great quality. I’m loving this monochromatic design and it makes it very tempting to collect more of them.

Application & Personal Experiences

The Veil Tint Dewy has a flat doe foot applicator (see above) which makes application very fast and easy – the wider side can cover lips in a single swipe whilst the narrower side is perfect or reaching lip corners. The amount of product that it picks up is pretty generous so I would go light handed if you want to sheer it out – however, a full lip application looks great too.

Unlike other water tints, which are generally very thin and have a tendency to run, this applies more like a creamy gloss. It’s very comfortable on application and instantly hydrates any dryness (though, of course, I would always recommend using a balm or lip mask if yours are particularly dry or cracked). The formula blots out easily if you want to create a gradient lip but won’t bleed if you want a full application either.

That being said, I don’t think that this tint formula is perfect though. Although the pigmentation is strong, the translucent, glossy formula means that not all shades apply true to colour (like it suggests in the official swatches). For me, Maroon Red and Rose Milk Tea were most accurate, but Taro Rose was a lot more reddish on me. Although I still love it (it’s actually my favourite shade), it just wasn’t what I expected.

Due to the formula, I don’t think that the subtle nuances within each colour family (all of the red, all of the corals or all of the mauves) would be that visible.

In addition, the stain that this lip tint leaves behind can vary a lot between the shades. Maroon Blood leaves behind a great red stain that keeps lips looking less pale between applications, but the other two shades are very subtle and not that noticeable. The glossy finish means that the product can be absorbed by dry lips or transferred while eating or drinking too, so the longevity of this isn’t brilliant.

The Veil Tint Dewy along as a strong sweet taste, which I personally dislike. However, this all comes down to personal preference – the taste isn’t bad, it just isn’t one that I like and that’s a problem I have all the time.

Maroon Blood, Rose Milk Tea and Taro Rose

In conclusion, I like these lip tints. They are possibly only the second water tints that I actually enjoy wearing, the packaging is absolutely superb and they’re easy to put on on my lazy makeup days. However, this product is not perfect and it has room for improvement. Knowing that Peripera is the sister brand to CLIO, I really hoped that these would be as good as the Peri’s Ink range (which is one of my top favourites) but they just aren’t as good – you know?

So, here’s the verdict!


A dewy, glossy finish water tint in ten shades


  • The packaging design is almost perfect
  • Good quality, sturdy and travel friendly
  • Super hydrating on lips and smooths out dry areas
  • No stickiness
  • Little to no noticeable scent
  • Easy to apply and blend out
  • Doesn’t bleed or feather


  • Some of the colour swatches are inaccurate
  • The differences between shades are subtle once applied (most likely due to the translucent formula)
  • Strong sweet taste
  • Aside from the red, the others have minimal staining


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5 (Great sale price but expensive for full price)
  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • FINISH | 5/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5



If you want something that’s glossy but isn’t sticky, then it would be perfect! However, I would only recommend buying the few shades that you love and also keep in mind that the translucent formula will apply like a veil on your lips. Some colours may apply different to the swatch photos.


The Veil Tint Dewy is available on StyleKorean and is currently on sale for USD$9.60! In addition, I would recommend checking out CLIO’s sister brand Peripera who do some of the best lip tints ever. You can also check out the 3CE Tattoo Lip Tint if you want something with super duper staying power.

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