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Last month, I posted on Instagram about the Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion – an Australian product that I especially enjoyed in the colder seasons (when my skin was super dry from sleeping with an electric blanket). It’s since starting to warm up here in Sydney but I’m reminding myself not to slack off on body care!

Kadee Botanicals is a luxury skincare brand that specialises in Australian natural plant based products. One of their main ingredients, Kakadu Plum, “is only found in northern Australia and sustainably farmed by remote communities.” In addition to this, all Kadee Botanicals products are free of Sulphates (SLS & SLES), Parabens, Petroleum based Mineral oils, Artificial colours and Artificial fragrances. Their products are also not tested on animals, so you can shop guilt-free.

This Body Lotion is available on their website for AUD$55 for a 250mL bottle – it’s a bit pricey but Kadee is a luxury brand and their use of Aussie botanicals is a unique selling point. Pop over to their website if you want to check out this product, or anything else that they offer.

Before that though – let me get into this review!

Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review

Product Description

Described as “a Body Lotion safe enough for the youngest person in the house to use,” this product claims to have a lightweight formula for quick and easy absorption, as well as no greasy finish. It has a calming botanical scent and contains a number of antioxidants to help restore hydration to your skin. Key ingredients and their benefits include:

  • Macadamia Oil: With a perfect balance of essential fatty acids (Oleic, Linoleic & Palmitoleic), this aids in the regeneration and softening of skin.
  • Kakadu Plum: Native to Australia, this helps to stimulate your skin’s creation of collagen. It fights age spots, hyperpigmentation and environmental stressors, whilst also brightening dull skin.
  • Jojoba Oil: This is high in Vitamin A to assist in skin cell regeneration. it also contains Vitamin D and E to hydrate, nourish and fight against the aging of skin.
  • Lilly Pilly: Also found in Australia, this is down for its healing and antibacterial properties. It is high in fruit acids to firm skin and restore a youthful and radiant appearance.

Through analyzing the ingredients on SkinCarisma, this formula seems to be especially great for dry skin! It has a few comedogenic ingredients but I don’t think that this is an issue for a body cream. The only thing to actually consider is the use of Phenoxyethanol – which, if you are concerned about, is actually a very common preservative and safe in the (super) low amounts used in cosmetics – see source here. The Body Lotion also contains Lavender Oil, which is skin safe but may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review
Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review
Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review


Kadee products have an elegant and simple packaging design. The unit carton is made from a good quality deep green cardboard, with a smooth matte finish and overall silver foil details. It’s simple and understated, with a very professional and mature aesthetic.

Opening it up, the Body Lotion in particular comes with a pump dispenser – which is convenient when you’re keeping this on your bedside (like me). The label has a mate silver finish, which matches both the cap and the external box. I also like that they’re using a tinted plastic here: a lot of their other products come with amber glass packaging, which is a bit over kill (and heavy) for a body lotion. Instead, they’ve mimicked the appearance of it with a dark amber tinted plastic – it has that some luxurious, almost spa-like aesthetic, but is relatively lightweight.

Overall, the packaging is nice. I like that the quality seems good and that the whole range is very consistent. The design hasn’t blown me away, and I can’t say that it’s my usual sort of aesthetic, but I don’t mind it and I can think of a few people who’d probably love it. This works well for the higher end, natural skincare niche.

Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review
Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review
Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review

Personal Experiences

As per the product claims, this body lotion is absolutely lightweight. The texture – for me personally – actually falls somewhere between a cream and a lotion. It’s a bit denser than what I usually expect, but sinks into skin almost immediately with zero greasiness or tackiness. As soon as you smooth this over your skin, it feels like the moisture is instantly absorbed – seriously, the formula is brilliant.

This would be so good for people who have very dry skin but hate the feeling of heavy creams and emollient body butters. You could even layer this lotion on multiple times (like I do), and still feel fresh. I especially like that it absorbs quickly. It’s a good product to use in the morning because don’t need to worry about it sticking to your clothes.

Scent wise, I quite like the botanical scent of this. It’s pleasant and I personally find it calming. However, it is pretty strong and can linger on skin for a while. I would keep this in mind if you are very sensitive to scents – it’d be great if they could release an unscented version in the future (or something more mild).

Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion Skincare Review

Overall, I enjoyed this Body Lotion and will absolutely continue to use it. It’s a luxury product but I can immediately feel the difference between this and a cheap body moisturiser. The packaging isn’t anything outstanding for me personally, but the formula is a total winner.

Here’s the verdict!


A lightweight and fast absorbing body lotion


  • High quality packaging
  • Instantly moisturising formula
  • Can be layered for very dry skin
  • Fast absorbing with no stickiness or residue
  • Fairly clean and safe ingredients list


  • High price point
  • Strong scent


  • PRICE POINT | 2/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • SCENT | 3/5
  • ABSORPTION | 5/5



I like this product but would I be recommending this to people? I can’t say that everyone has to go out and buy it because I’m conscious of the price point. However, if it is within your budget and you like botanicals, then do check this one out!


The Body Lotion is available from Kadee Botanicals for AUD$55. You can also check out the rest of their range, which includes Hand Creams, Day & Night Creams, Eye Creams etc.

Let me know if you’ve used anything from Kadee Botanicals before down below – or, if you used this product too, tell me your thoughts on it!

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