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If you follow me on Instagram, then this is not a surprise to you – I am obsessed with the Rom&ntic Moonight collection! This is a collaboration between Rom&nd (who I have reviewed before) and a Korean brand called NEONMOON – they are primarily a retro inspired fashion brand and I love them! They are actually a big inspiration for my online store too (so you can see how I love them). Their brand is about a fun, nostalgic aesthetic and bright colours – perfectly reflected in these products.

I don’t have everything from this collection (because it would be insane if I did) but I’ve got almost everything – and I need to share my thoughts with you! I am so happy with this collection: from the packaging to the formulas.. it’s brilliant. Today I’ll be showing you the Zero Cushion, Better Than Eyes Quad, Better Than Cheek Blushes and the Glasting Water Tint. The only product that I’m missing is the Glasting Water Gloss – but it’s available if you want to get it!

This whole collection is available at StyleKorean with prices ranging from USD$11.20 – USD$20.80. This collection is limited edition so check out their website to get your hands on this quick (you won’t regret it).

Before you do that though, let’s get right into this review!

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean

NEONMOON Zero Cushion | USD$20.80

This is a repackage of the Zero Cushion (part of their permanent line) – it’s actually a pretty popular formula that they often release in different collections. It has a SPF20 PA++ with the main product claims as:

  • Lightweight: Air-light system offers tight adherence – as if you’re not wearing make up
  • Long Lasting Effect: Wears well throughout the day
  • Zero Concealer: You only need a small amount for perfect coverage

It also comes in three shades (Pure 21, Natural 21 and Beige 23), which is fairly standard for Korean cushions. Similarly to their past collections, all of the shades have different packaging so it can become a bit of a ‘collect them all’ if you’re very dedicated. I’m personally not sure if I’m a fan of this, since we’d all have designs have we prefer, but… they do a good job of it.

The shade that I have is Pure 21, which has an illustration of the NEONMOON signature Sleepy Bear in a pink bath tub. The shade is a good match for me – for reference, I usually wear Fenty 150 and MAC N4.5

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean


The packaging shape and form is very similar to the previous Anne of Green Gables Version that I reviewed. The box is made from a nice quality cardboard with a matte cello finish and a pastel purple design. It features an illustration print that is a replica of the compact design (seen below).

Opening it up, you’ll find that the cushion compact has the same shape and their original – it’s a bit bulky and I hope that they will switch it out for a more slimline case in the future. The cushion is already inserted into the compact and this doesn’t come with a refill: but will fit any of the regular Zero Cushions anyway. It’s just that the one here is NEONMOON branded with a custom puff design (see the ribbon design).

In comparison to the Anne of Green Gables compact, this has a glossy finish, with a glittery top and pastel print. It’s a bit kitschy and super cute – fitting in perfectly with this whole collection and NEONMOON‘s aesthetic. I love this one and, regardless of the actual formula, I’m just so happy to have this in my collection. I prefer it much more over the previous designs.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean

Formula & Application

And speaking of the formula – I’m actually not totally in love with this. When I reviewed this in the past (you can check out this post) my verdict was fairly mixed at the time. I gave it a few more tries since then, both with the older cushion and this one, and I can find both pro’s and con’s for it – so basically, I’m still on the fence. If it were up to me, this wouldn’t be a formula that I would be jumping to repurchase… but I’m also a sucker for cute packaging and limited edition collections, so Rom&nd has got me sold on that part!

This formula has a light to medium coverage – it can be built up but the formula becomes too thick. I currently have some break outs around my chin and I find that I need to build up the foundation to get an even coverage. However, doing so will then emphasize the texture and make that area look caked on. Do you see my dilemma here?

On the plus side though – this foundation wears really well throughout the day. It doesn’t slip, crease or cake up in the t-zone (which is a typical concern for me). Although it doesn’t control oils, it’s easy to use a blotting tissue without affecting the makeup beneath. The adherence is really good so I don’t find myself touching up at all.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Swatch of the Zero Cushion in shade Pure 21

In general, I would recommend using the puff to stamp the product onto your face and then blending it in with a brush (or going directly with the brush), as this gives a lighter application. You can then go over problem areas with a little more product or a concealer. The end result is really nice (whether it is at 9am or 7pm)!

Here’s my verdict (which is pretty much the same as before):


A semi-matte finish long wearing cushion foundation


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 3/5
  • FINISH | 3/5
  • ADHERENCE | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 5/5
  • COVERAGE | 2/5


THOUGHTS? I would recommend this mostly for people with almost perfect skin – regardless of skin type. If you have a bit of redness or uneven skin tone that you want to even out, then this is perfect. For people with more texture or acne concerns though – this would sadly be a pass.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean

NEONMOON Better Than Eyes | USD$16.80

Possibly my favourite thing in this entire collection is the Better Than Eyes eyeshadow quads! These come in three different variations, of which I have two: Dry Mango Tulip, Dry Evening Primrose and Dry Lavender. From what I can see on the StyleKorean website, Dry Mango Tulip and Dry Lavender are part of the permanent range whilst the other seems new. If you’re more familiar with Rom&nd‘s usual offerings and can confirm this for me, please let me know!

Either way, this is a new formula for me. I got my hands on Dry Mango Tulip and Dry Evening Primrose. The shades are absolutely up my alley and I was also pleasantly surprised and how nicely pigmented they were – definitely putting this amongst my favourite k-beauty eyeshadows!

These shades are “inspired by dry flowers,” and at made up of soft mattes and very glittery finishes. The product description says that it contains refined particles in a silky texture, giving even colour pay off for smooth and sharp eye makeup. Arguably, a lot of that is also dependent on your application – but their formula really is nice.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean


If you haven’t tried out any of the eyeshadows from Rom&nd before, or if you’re just keen on one of the new shades, I would really recommend picking up this collection because the packaging is just too cute to pass up! It uses the same shape as their regular quads (which is good if you’re a collector), but in the signature pastel purple shade.

These come in a matte finish unit carton with the NEONMOON Sleepy Bear design – different for all three of the variants again, but I don’t mind it for this since you can hypothetically buy (and use) all of them. The front lid is made from a purple tinted glitter plastic. It’s super fun and nostalgic! The larger print also looks good – it makes the overall design feel modern and trendy, which also stops the clear packaging from looking too ‘drugstore’.

The front clicks shut and isn’t too hard to open up either since there’s a slight indent on the side. The quality feels good and I also like the simplicity of the shape – not too bulky, easy to stack if you own multiple, and also protective enough to travel around with. I’m not sure if the print would scratch off over time, but I haven’t had any issues with any of the Rom&nd packaging yet.

Overall, A+ for the packaging! Brilliant aesthetics, good quality and functionality too.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Swatches for 01 Dry Mango Tulip

Personal Experiences – Dry Mango Tulip

Above are the swatches for Dry Mango Tulip, which is also part of their permanent range if you are reading this after this collection discontinues. It contains three matte shades and a glitter. The mattes are really beautiful – they’re soft and easy to build up to a good pigmentation. You won’t be getting one touch, opaque coverage with this (as with all k-beauty shadows) but the possibility is there!

I also like that they have the three different tones – light, medium and dark – so that you can build up dimension on the eyes. This is a good on-the-go or every day quad, especially suitable for people who want more staple make up rather than too many colours to experiment with.

However, I think that the glitter shade here is weak. I’ve tried it a few times and, whilst it looks nice swatched (with a nice pink base and very sparkle particles), it just applies too sparse. I’ve been applying this with my fingers, since I know that a brush wouldn’t pick it up very well, but I still end up looking like I have glitter everywhere. Out of the three shades, this is probably the one that I won’t use much.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Swatches for 04 Dry Evening Primrose

Personal Experiences – Dry Evening Primrose

If you love glitter or just want to create that sparkling, kpop idol look – then Dry Evening Primrose is 100% for you. It can work as a standalone quad if you love the sparkly look but I think that this is best as an add on to other shadows. I personally love using shades from this and the Dry Mango Tulip quad in combination.

This quad contains three glitter shades, with two of them being extra sparkly and the other (which is the pink toned one) being more of a rich shimmer. The fourth shade is a matte warm brown with small glitter particles – but you won’t see much of the glitter anyway unless you’re packing it on.

The three glitter shades here really wow-ed me! Apply them with your fingers and you’ll get a very dense sparkle – minimal mess and top notch pow wow. The more intense two have small glitter particles within them, which is what gives that stronger reflect. I like to use them on the center of my eyelid (or inner corner, depending on how I’m vibing) and on my aegyosal too – it’s an easy way to achieve the signature idol look!

And here’s the verdict!


Eyeshadow quads with matte and glitter shades, containing dry flower inspired colour stories


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • COLOUR STORY | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 4/5


THOUGHTS? I loved these eyeshadow quads. Even though I could find cons in them both, the strengths definitely outweighed and I think that I’ll be reaching for these very often – which is really saying something since I hardly ever use quads. I’ll be looking to invest more into the Rom&nd eyeshadows because the formula is just top notch – especially their glitter shades.

If you’re only looking to pick up one of these, then I would be recommending the Dry Evening Primrose. It’s easily the standout amongst this whole collection.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean

NEONMOON Better Than Cheek | USD$11.20

And then we move onto the Better than Cheek blushes. I think that their matte eyeshadow was a good example of their formula because these blushes are beautifully pigmented too! They’re soft and you can build up the colour, making this an easily formula to use even for those new to make up. The shade selection is also wearable and flattering.

This NEONMOON collection comes with three different blushes in beige, peach or pink tones. I’m fairly sure that these shades are new, since I don’t see them in the regular packaging, but the formula would be the same as the regular Better than Cheek blushes. The three shades are N01 Dream Powder, N02 Fairy Powder and N03 Sleep Powder – and yes, I have them all!

According to the product description, these blushes are formulated with an ultra-fine powder. It gives a blur effect to hide imperfections, whilst also containing sweat and sebum-absorbing properties for a long wear finish. Personally, I’m not sure about a blush ‘hiding imperfections’ (and, even if it could do that, I wouldn’t see the point in it) but I have to agree with their longevity and ‘ultra-fine powder’ claims! The formula is really soft to the touch and applies without any powdery texture – it sits so nicely on skin.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean


The packaging for this is very similar to the eyeshadow quads, so I won’t write too much about it here. Essentially the blush comes in a matter finish purple box with a Sleepy Bear illustration that reflects the internal packaging. All three of them have different prints – which, again, I think is fine since you can hypothetically own and use all three of these shades. The cardboard quality is nice – pretty much the same as the eyeshadow quads – so no complaints here.

Opening it up, the blush compacts use the same form as their regular blushers – large rectangular pans with a clear plastic top. I like this shape because it’s generally better for storage and doesn’t take up as much space. Perfect for people like me with large collections (and small rooms). The lid, which is against made from a purple tinted plastic with small glitter particles, also clicks into place. I feel like this one is a bit easier to open in comparison to the eyeshadow, but the quality still seems nice! I’d be comfortable to take this travelling.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Left to Right: N01 Dream Powder, N02 Fairy Powder, N03 Sleep Powder

Personal Experiences

Looking at the photo of my swatches above, I feel like the blushes look a bit warmer in this shot – maybe because of the lighting. The lightest shade, Dream Powder, is a fairly light neutral blush which would be great for very pale skin tones. Fairy Powder (peach with a hint of dry rose) and Sleep Powder (a warm pink) would be good for light skin tones and maybe medium-light.

Personally, I love how these blushes look on me and I love how easy the application is. The matte formula works well because I like to add my highlighters on afterwards. However, the limitation with this formula would be in the shade range – it’s pretty, but I don’t think that these will work for any skin tone deeper than the Korean Shade 23. It’s a shame because the formula is so nice!

Here’s my verdict!


Three matte finish blushes with a soft and blendable formula


  • PRICE POINT | 5/5
  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 2/5
  • LONGEVITY | 4/5


THOUGHTS? Honestly – the only real downside that I see to these blushers is the shade range, and that’s something that I’ve done to expect from k-beauty products. Since their foundations usually span between shades 13 to 23, it makes sense that their colour cosmetics are also targeted towards that.

If you fit into the Korean foundation ranges, then these would be good blushes to look into. The formula is really great! Until they release some deeper shades though, they would be excluding a solid chunk of their international audience.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean

NEONMOON Glasting Water Tint | USD$12

The last items that I have from the Rom&nd x NEONMOON collection are the Glasting Water Tints! Three out of four shades are repackaged from their permanent line, though this doesn’t bother me since I haven’t used this formula before. Shades include the following, the first two which I will be reviewing:

  • Rose Splash (repackaged)
  • Soft Pool (new)
  • Red Drop (repackaged)
  • Vintage Ocean(repackaged)

The Glasting Water Tint is described as being a long wearing lip tint with a water-like gloss finish and rich pigmentation. The smooth texture creates a film over your lips to give a plump and fresh appearance, as well as a non-sticky finish.

It’s not like a typical water tint; the ‘water’ part of the name seems to refer more to the glossy finish rather than the texture. I usually dislike water tints, so was honestly a bit hesitant at first – but I loved these!

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean


The lip tints come in a soft plastic unit carton with purple sides and a clear front. Again, all three of them have different prints but it’s a lot more subtle here. The illustration is fairly small and – although cute – is probably not the most noticeable.

The tube uses the same rounded shape as Rom&nd‘s other lip products. For this collection, the twist-on cap is made from a tinted glitter plastic, whilst the tube is an opaque purple. The print over the front is of the individual Sleepy Bears (i.e. different for each shade) – unlike the others though, these use a white outline approach.

Overall, the packaging is nice but also underwhelming. I like the colour but personally think that the print is too subtle. In comparison to the other products, this just doesn’t have the same wow factor. When you put them next to the permanent line, they are also less practical – you can’t tell what the shades are from the outer packaging, whereas the originals were colour coded, which can be bothersome if you own more than one.

Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Romand x Neonmoon Kbeauty Makeup Review StyleKorean
Top (05 Rose Splash) and Bottom (09 Soft Pool)
Left (05 Rose Splash) and Right (09 Soft Pool)

Personal Experiences

Packaging and practicality of the design aside, I absolutely adore the formula of these and would likely pick up a few more in the future – probably in the original packaging.

The formula of the Glasting Water Tints have a gel consistency. They’re moisturising and non-bleed, so it’s easy to reapply and build up a gradient lip. I love the smooth finish of both shades, and the subtle stain makes it a very wearable product. It’s easy to reapply during the day, but you don’t need to worry about uneven fading in between.

Out of the two colours, I would most likely be using Rose Splash most often. It’s has a gorgeously flattering muted red tone, which looks especially nice as a gradient lip. The other shade, Soft Pool, is more of a dried rose pink. It’s still very pretty but is more of a MLBB – just something that I personally wear less often.

Here’s the verdict!


A gel lip tint with a water-like glossy finish


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • FINISH | 5/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5


THOUGHTS? The formula for this is really nice – I especially love the smooth glossy look and hydrating finish. The only downside in this instance would be the packaging. It’s cute and I’m not mad at it – but the original colour coded design is definitely superior.

Out of this collection, my favourite would have to be the Better Than Eyes quads – they totally blew me away! The Better Than Cheeks are also really beautiful and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of the Glasting Water Tints too.

Unfortunately, the cushion’s finish just doesn’t work for me personally – even though I liked the longevity (and the crazy cute packaging). I want to say that I’ll like this more once my skin improves and I don’t have texture to cover, but judging by my old review… I think my opinion is pretty set on that one!

Have you tried anything from Rom&nd before or have you picked up this collection yet? If you haven’t – seriously – hop onto the StyleKorean website before they’re gone. This is possibly their cutest collab yet!

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