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Hydration is so important, but it is also something a lot of people seem confused about. I’ve had a surprising number of people confess that they don’t actually have a skincare routine and have never touched a moisturiser in their life: usually because they feel their skin is already oily or feel that face creams are too heavy.

So for today’s post, I wanted to do more than just write a review. Today, I want to unpack the Laneige Water Bank Collection and give my recommendations for when to use them. There are recommended skin types, but I’d like to discuss what the differences are between them, as well as giving suggestions for seasonal suitabilities.

I have three of the products on me but I want to talk about the whole range: this includes the Hydro Essence, Hydro Gel Moisturiser, Moisture Cream Moisturiser and the Moisture Cream Intensive Moisturiser. The first two have a lighter texture which is best for oily-leaning skin types and warmer weather, whilst the Moisture Cream (and the Intensive version) is better for dry skin and weather.

So, read on to find out more!

Selling points for the Water Bank Collection include:

  • The Water Zipper technology to keep skin hydrated and fresh all day long
  • Garden Cress Extract, contained within Green Mineral Water, as an anti-oxidant for clear, healthy and glowing skin
  • Contains a high concentration of minerals, extracted from patented Ocean Brew Method

Although they all have different formulations, everything under the Water Bank range targets the same skin concern – hydration. Whether your skin is oily, dry or everything in between, all skin needs to be hydrated – but that same hydration can be delivered in different ways.

When thinking about which product is best suited for you, it’s important to look at your skin type and your current routine (i.e. what other products are you using and when), as well as the season. It isn’t an exact ‘rule’ that your skin must change with the temperature – but it does happen! As an example, I tend to use more gel and thin formulas in the summer because my skin tends to produce more oil, making it more prone to clogging.

In my next discussion of these products, I’ll be writing it based off of the texture, formulation and some of my personal experiences. To find what works best for you though, you just have to try it – get a sample if you can!

All Seasons & Skin Types

Hydro Essence | AUD$57

In Korea, Laneige actually has two versions of this essence: the Hydro Essence (targeted for oily or combination skin) and the Moisture Essence (formulated for dry skin). I’ve used the latter before so I thought it was interesting that Laneige only launched their lighter variant in Australia – but the explanation was so simple!

It’s the weather. Since their formulations were originally created for South Korea, where it gets a lot colder and drier, it’s actually more than most people need here in Australia. By releasing the Hydro Essence, they have retargeted their skincare to our climate.

The Hydro Essence, in our context, is actually suited for all skin types – it has a highly hydrating formula, but the lightweight texture allows it to absorb well into skin. It is described as a “moisturising serum that helps the skin look dewy and clear using Green Mineral Water extracted with Laneige patented Ocean Brew Method.” Clinically proven to both increase moisture levels and decrease moisture loss, it perfectly rebalances skin!

This product is meant to be the third step of your skincare routine – after cleanser and toner. It is recommended to use 2-3 pumps, but I would personally adjust this according to the season or how you want to use it: just as skincare or to prep skin before makeup. It gives a hydrated base without increasing oil production.

TLDR: Why is this suitable for all skin types?

  • Lightweight texture that absorbs well
  • Still a very hydrating formula
  • Helps to rebalance skin – more moisture, less moisture loss
  • Easy to layer up and ‘customize’ to your routine

Summer & Normal to Combination Skin Types

Hydro Gel Moisturiser | AUD$52

And then we go to our moisturisers. The Hydro Gel Moisturiser is actually the renamed version of the Korean Hydro Cream – just to suit the Western market. It contains antioxidants and is described as a “lightweight gel cream formulated with a unique blend of green mineral water.”

The packaging says that it is targeted for normal to combination skin, but I personally think that this works just as well for oily skin types. It’s also perfect for the warmer Summer seasons too: the gel formula is proven to aid in cooling and a temporarily reducing redness. In fact, Sephora says that this “creates a refreshing moisture barrier and drenches your skin in a wave of cooling hydration, leaving it silky smooth and non-sticky.”

For application, this is best as one of the last steps of your skincare routine. This gel/cream texture has a more dense texture but is also easy to tap and absorb into skin. It’s good for both day and night but, if you’re wanting to use this beneath make up, I would recommend to leave skin for a couple of minutes to allow the gel to fully absorb before going in with foundation.

The result is a hydrated and fresh complexion – the visual of ‘tok tok‘ (Korean onomatopoeia for dewy skin). The formula is lightweight but also boasts 24 hour effectiveness – so no more worries!

TLDR: Why is this suitable for summer and oily-combination skin?

  • Light gel texture that absorbs into skin
  • Cooling to help reduce temperature and redness
  • Leaves skin looking both dewy and fresh
  • Long lasting results – keeping skin hydrated in the morning and at night means a rebalance of oil production

Winter & Normal to Dry Skin Types

Moisture Cream Moisturiser | AUD$52

For people with dry or dry-leaning skin types, the Moisture Cream Moisturiser is perfect for you! This also contains a blend of Green Mineral Water, but is described as a “rich moisture cream.” The thicker texture is perfect for treating dry skin with deep hydration, though it doesn’t have that ‘cooling’ gel effect.

In addition, this would also be great for Winter when skin is more prone to dryness. Denser formulas naturally sit on skin a little longer, giving it more time to absorb and treat. However, the texture of this particular product is still fresh and absorbs so well. It’s great to use overnight but, given a bit more time to absorb, would also work underneath make up.

Although I have oily-combination skin, this is the one that I used to use in Korea! Similarly to how season affects skin, I’m always significantly drier when I go to Korea – especially in the winter time. I really loved this though because it wasn’t heavy at all, but kept my skin feeling great throughout the cold. I’d highly recommend checking this out!

TLDR: Why is this suitable for winter and normal – dry skin?

  • Cream texture with more density in comparison to gel
  • Takes a bit longer to absorbs for more intense moisture
  • Still relatively fresh for a dewy look without greasiness
  • Long lasting results – keeping skin hydrated all day will minimise dry areas and rebalance skin

This photo is taken from the Sephora Australia website

Winter & Very Dry Skin Types

Moisture Cream Intensive Moisturiser | AUD$52

And this one is new in Sephora! Or, at least, I hadn’t seen it until recently. The Moisture Cream Intensive, unlike the previous two, actually contains Shea Butter – it’s a very effective moisturiser but can feel a bit heavy, so I would only recommend this for intensely dry or dehydrated skin.

According to Sephora, this “has a creamy, buttery formula that melts onto skin to moisturise and protect skin.” It can be used for both day and night too, but definitely keep this as the final step of your skincare and give it extra time to absorb before applying any make up.

I haven’t personally used this one before, nor have I even tested it out in store, so I can’t make much observation about the texture. It wouldn’t work for my skin type at all (even in Korea, haha) but is a good addition to the range – even the Moisture Cream is relatively lightweight compared to other night creams, so this one would likely be more of a standard texture.

TLDR: Why is this suitable for winter and very dry skin?

  • Contains shea butter for a very intense moisture treatment
  • Has a dense cream texture to deeply hydrate

I hope that this write up helped you! Moisture is so important to your skin, so it’s also important to pick the right formula for you. Personally, I always use lighter textures because my oily-leaning skin tends to clog very easily. In order to get enough moisture though, I tend to layer products instead – which is how an extensive routine is built. It isn’t necessary though: for some people, simple is really the best. Do what works for you.

And really do check out Laneige. Although I was gifted these when they launched in Australia, I’m a genuine fan of their brand and have been using them since I was in Korea. I always return to them and have recommended their products to so many people.

What’s your routine like? And do you have any more questions about skincare, hydration or Laneige? Drop them in the comments below and I’ll make sure to reply to the best of my abilities!

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