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I know what you’re thinking – another Romand review? Honestly, I just couldn’t help it. As I had mentioned in the past, I’m a huge fan of the brand and I try to get their limited edition releases; and this Lip Bokki Edition set was just too cute to pass up! Rather than a full collection, this is a stand-alone set of mini lip products. It’s a good option for those who just want to try out the different formulas or as a cute gift (and would be especially great for people who love make up and Korean street food)!

This is going to be a fairly short review, as I mostly want to go through what is actually in this kit, but I wanted to get this up soon because – I believe – this collaboration is now discontinued. It is still available on StyleKorean but is likely not going to be restocked.

If you’re keen to pick this up, head on over there – the Lip Bokki Edition set is just USD$25.20 (on sale from USD$36), and is still available in either green or red packaging. And, lets get into this review!

Romand Dokbeokki Collection

Product Description

This is a really unique collaboration as it’s between Romand and Baemin (full name Baedal Minjok), which is South Korea’s top food delivery app. Inspired by the signature Korean street food Tteokbokki, this set contains four different lip products in varying formulas – both matte and glossy. The four exclusive shades are inspired by the different sauces too.

Shades are listed below, along with some further information on the different formulas:

  • Mara Tteokbokki (Glasting Water Tint) – One of my favourite Romand formulas, this one coats lips with a non-sticky, glass-like film with gorgeously vivid pigmentation.
  • Soup Tteokbokki (Juicy Lasting Tint) – This one also has a vivid, pretty colour pay-off but will blend more onto the lips. This formula doesn’t have the ‘film’ effect like the Glasting Water Tint.
  • Jjajang Tteokbokki (Zero Velvet Tint) – A velvety, matte finish lip tint that create a soft blurring effect on lips. These are especially pretty feathered out at the edges.
  • Cream sauce (Glasting Water Gloss) – As the name suggests, this is their gloss formula and claims to give a plumping appearance through creating a moisture film over the lips. The original formula had glitter and was intended to be worn over other lip colours too.

All of these lip minis are around 2-2.2g, so approximately half the size of the originals. I personally think that minis are very sufficient when it comes to lip products (because I never finish them) and like these for carrying in my hand bag too. Aside from the minis, all sets also come with a cute egg mirror.

Romand Dokbeokki Collection
Romand Dokbeokki Collection


So lets be real – the stand out with this set is definitely the packaging. Aside from the very obvious food theme, this set also draws inspiration from retro delivery packaging with the use of the marble patterned plastic plate – even the promotional video (which I will put at the end of this post) as a vintage camera vibe to it. As usual, I think that the execution of the theme by Romand is perfect – they always manage to tread that fine line between being kitschy, cute and not too gimmicky.

Onto the particulars of this packaging –

The Lip Bokki Edition set comes in two variations – red or green – but this is just the external box. It’s something to consider if you want to use this as a gift or a display piece but, otherwise, I wouldn’t be too picky. That being said, the external packaging is done very well. The box has a soft touch matte finish, with a clear plastic window at the front. It also opens by sliding the tray out from the bottom, which almost feels like you’re presenting something. Opening this up can be a whole experience!

Once you do, you’ll find the four lip products and mirror sitting on a plastic tray. Beneath that though, is an information card encouraging you to mix the colours (which is really just applying the gloss on top) and a real plastic plate! I know that it’s a bit gimmicky, but it fits in with the theme so well! I actually thought that it would be paper or styrofoam at first, but was so shocked to discover that it was a legitimate plate! I really couldn’t stop laughing but hey, I’ll get some solid use out of this.

(Using it when I eat Ttokbeokki for sure).

Romand Dokbeokki Collection
Romand Dokbeokki Collection

Onto the individual products, I really appreciate that these minis are colour coded (see below). This is almost the same as what they do with their regular lip tints, but obviously in a smaller size. All four of them also have a glossy finish, which adds to the whole ‘Ttokbeokki’ illusion, but I still wish that the Jjajang Tteokbokki had a matte finish to suit the formula. Still, these are compact, simple and easy to pop into your bag for touch ups during the day. It also has the same doe foot applicator as the full sizes (except for the gloss, which has a plastic paddle applicator), so there’s no real compromise here.

The set also included a mini egg mirror (pictured above). This isn’t a compact but rather a literal hand mirror so I don’t think that I would get much use out of this. It’s cute and fits in the theme though, so is a nice addition to the set. I just think that compact mirrors are a lot more practical, as this would scratch in my make up bag within minutes.

All in all though, very happy with the packaging for the Lip Bokki EditionRomand is consistently killing it with their limited edition packaging and this is no different. They’re taken such a unique theme and executed it to perfection. As a gift, this is sure to make someone smile but is still a fun experience just for yourself too.

Romand Dokbeokki Collection
Romand Dokbeokki Collection

Personal Experiences

As I have mentioned time and time again – I love Romand lip products and I think that this is a great set because of the varying formulas. Out of the four, the Glasting Water Tint is still my favourite formula and always will be. I love how it smooths over lines for a plumped up effect. I have a lot of these and would continue to collect and purchase them, so I’m happy to have a mini that I can pop into my bag too. The shade Mara Teokkbokki is totally my style too as a buildable medium-dark spicy red.

Soup Tteokbokki, which has the Juicy Lasting Tint formula, has a lighter medium orange-red tone. It is also has a very similar formula, though I can definitely see how it doesn’t quite gloss over the lips like the previous formula (see the lip swatches below – it’s pretty obvious). I personally prefer darker tints, another reason why Mara Tteokbokki is my favourite here, but still think this is an easy and flattering shade for every day.

After that, there is the Zero Velvet Tint in Jjajang Tteokbokki. This is much darker and has a deep warm terracotta red shade. The formula is more of a mousse texture and is very matte. In fact, I find that this can be a bit drying on lips so I would recommend to use a lip mask the night before you apply this. You can also layer a balm beneath it, but that will definitely affect the finish of this. All in all, still very pretty though. I especially like it with the edges feathered out (as in the lip swatches).

Lastly is the Glasting Water Gloss in Cream Sauce. Truth be told, I haven’t been much of a gloss fan for quite a while – especially when it isn’t a coloured one. This is quite smooth and non-sticky, so the texture is nice. I can also see how it would be a good addition to layer over the other products (especially once the glossier tints start to fade). However, I’m not a fan of this shade. It applies kind of white until it is blended out on the lips – which means it then last no real colour, just shine. I’m sure that some people would like this, but I wish that they did a colour gloss too; maybe a translucent orange.

Romand Dokbeokki Collection
Left (Glasting Water Tint in Mara Tteokbokki) and Right (Juicy Lasting Tint in Soup Tteokbokki)
Romand Dokbeokki Collection
Left (Zero Velvet Tint in Jjajang Tteokbokki) and Right (Glasting Water Gloss in Cream Sauce)

All in all, I think this is a really cute set – great as a collectors item and as a gift. They’ve done a brilliant job with the theme, packaging and also the practicality of the products included. In a way, this is a trial set for the Romand lip formulas! My favourite is, of course, Mara Tteokbokki followed closely by Soup Tteokbokki – I love that plumped up, dewy lip look and the shades they chose are super flattering and pretty. Although these glossier tints don’t tend to last long during the day, especially if you’re attached to your coffee like me, they are easy to reapply.

Jjajang Tteokbokki is also a very pretty colour but, just like my criticism of the formula in my past review, it can be quite drying even if the initial look is very pretty. Meanwhile, the Cream Sauce gloss gets no from me – but the formula is nice enough that I would want to try out the other Glasting Water Gloss shades!

Here’s the verdict!


A retro, food delivery themed set with four mini lip products and mini egg mirror


  • Absolutely on point with the theme and packaging
  • Existing formulas but exclusive shades to try out
  • Same packaging quality as full size products
  • Half sized minis suitable for travelling
  • Colour coded tube packaging
  • Pretty, flattering shades in a variety of tones and textures


  • The gloss shade is rather awkward (even if it fits in with the theme)
  • Matte velvet shade can be drying on lips


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 4/5
  • CREAM SAUCE | 1/5



In general, I think that they have selected a good range for this set and it fits perfectly into the theme. Out of the four shades, it’s really only the gloss colour that I’m not a fan of. All of the others, I will likely get a good amount of wear out of (especially the Mara Tteokbokki). I would recommend this one either as fun gift or sort of as a ‘mini trial set’ if you want to try out the Romand lip products but don’t quite know where to start.


If you want this Lip Bokki Edition set then get in quick because I think it’s been discontinued now (i.e. not to be restocked). It is still available at StyleKorean for just USD$25.20 (on sale from USD$36), in both green or red packaging.

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