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There are very few lip products now that are really innovative – lipsticks and lip glosses are reformulated and improved all the time, of course, but they generally will keep the same sort of format. There was a product that launched last year and caused a bit of a stir, mostly because it was so unlike everything else in the market that people didn’t really know what to expect.

This is the Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse, which (I believe) was released around September last year. It is an entirely new formula for the brand and is currently available in eight shades; the range isn’t massive but, since it’s new, I assume that they were testing the waters.

Some people really liked this, while others were on the fence, so I think it really comes down to personal preference. It is less about the formula, which is generally well liked, but rather the format of delivery in a pan compact. I think that it will really come down to how you prefer to apply your lips but I’ll get more into that later.

The entire range of the Lo-Fi Lip Mousse is now available at Mecca Maxima for AUD$37 each – which means it also qualifies for free shipping! If you’re outside of Australia/New Zealand, then check out the Urban Decay website for stockist information. So, let’s get into the review!

Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review
Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review
Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review

Product Description

According to the Mecca Maxima product description, this is a soft and lightweight whipped lip formula with a matte finish and long-lasting colour. The pigmentation is buildable, so this is a relatively flexible product. In fact, the light mousse formula means that it can also be used as a cheek blush (if you’re so inclined). It also leaves a light stain so, even as the product fades off of the lips, you have a tint of colour.

The Lo-Fi Lip Mousse has three main selling points (taken from the Mecca Maxima page):

  • This innovative liquid to matte whipped lip colour gives extreme pigmentation and a velvety finish for super plush lips
  • The weightless formula is also waterproof, making it the perfect accessory for your next festival, as well as the warmer months
  • The comfortable texture won’t budge throughout the day, and can be built from a subtle wash of colour to bold, intense pigment

At the moment, this product is available in eight different shades, ranging from “cashmere-soft baby pink to plum purple and attention-grabbing bright orange” (from the Urban Decay website). I have tried it out in two shades so far but, considering the formula and consistency of this, I also want to try this out in some mauve-y neutrals.

Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review
Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review
Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review


The packaging of this product is the most interesting. The unit carton (which I showed way at the beginning) has an edgy, trendy look to it that is well suited for the Urban Decay brand. It looks good but isn’t anything out of the ordinary so I would rather talk about this little compact!

The Lo-Fi Lip Mousse comes housed in a light purple plastic compact, which has a slight metallic finish and a silver foil print. I like that it’s small and easy to carry around, though they are harder to tell apart when you have a few of them. I always have to rely on the sticker on the back, but I would prefer if they colour coded the actual packaging (even though the purple colour is the Urban Decay brand).

Opening up the compact, the mousse pan is protected by a plastic cover, which I personally keep just so things don’t get messy. The compact has a full sized mirror, which means it’s portable and great for touch ups during the day. The most interesting part though (and in my opinion, the best part of this packaging) is that it included a foam tipped applicator that automatically peeks out when the product is opened. It is stuck in nice and firmly though, so I generally don’t worry about it falling out.

The applicator is small but picks up this mousse formula well. I find that it will give a more intense application, also best for a full lip look, but I prefer to use my fingers if I want something softer with a gradient look.

Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review
Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review
Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review
Urban Decay Lo Fi Lip Mousse Mecca Review

Formula & Application

And above (and below) are the swatches! Because of the lighting set up that I have, I find that it is a little bit more bright than how the colour looks in natural light – these swatches are more reflective of the product is direct sunlight. Generally, I find the official swatches very accurate of how the product looks under natural sunlight (if you are after other colours).

The formula is, as described, very lightweight and matte on the lips. It reminds me a bit of a stain in that it gives your lips the pigmentation without the feeling of actually wearing anything. Also, I don’t find it drying at all as the mousse formula is a bit more hydrating. It feels very soft to the touch, almost like velvet, and the pigmentation is actually semi-opaque and buildable.

For a daily look, I would usually apply this with my fingertips for a lighter application (and also because I like to blur out the edges like below). The applicator will give more intense pigmentation, which I personally prefer better with the Amplify shade. Wavelength, which is described as a medium violent, is quite a unique and stand out shade – it ain’t for the faint hearted!

Although this product claims to be long wearing, I find that it does wear off with food (though will otherwise stay on vibrant). However, the product doesn’t cling to dry patches and nor does it dry out the lips, so it’s pretty easy to reapply! It is a matte finish though so, if your lips are on the drier side, I would recommend using a lip balm underneath.

Lip swatches for Wavelength (left) and Amplify (right) with the pigmentation built up

Personal Experience

The Lo-Fi Lip Mousses are really good for travel and for keeping in your bag (especially because they reapply so easily). I also really like the colour range; even though it is still quite small, the variety is good and there are a bunch of shades that I’m interested in. That being said though, I don’t find myself reaching for this everyday for two reasons – one being that it’s a bit messy to apply with my fingertips (I could use the applicator but I generally prefer using my fingers to blend it out), and the second being that I can’t immediately see the shades!

As someone who has a lot of make up, I often find myself a bit overwhelmed by choice and I prefer to display my make up in a way that I can immediately see my colour options (and can then match it to what ever look I’m doing that day). I think that, if they colour coded the packaging, I would reach for this much more.

So, here’s the verdict!


A mousse-like lip product with a vibrant colour selection, a lightweight matte finish and buildable pigmentation, in a pan compact with applicator


  • Portable and suitable for travel
  • Easy to touch up and reapply during the day (has a full size mirror)
  • Really cute and unique packaging with the foam applicator
  • Lightweight and matte finish (can’t feel it on the lips)
  • Stays vibrant on lips (until eating etc)
  • Doesn’t dry out lips and is somewhat hydrating
  • Buildable pigmentation


  • Only eight shades available
  • Can be messy if you apply with fingertips
  • All have the same packaging – can’t discern them when placed together


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 3/5
  • FINISH | 4/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5



I think the formula is good and I personally like wearing them, even if it’s a bit messy for me (Have you ever gotten lipstick all down your thigh before? Because I have – I didn’t realise I had the mousse all over my fingertips). I would recommend to go in store and to check it out for yourself, as the packaging and formula is quite unique and may not be for everyone.

If you do want to try this out, then it’s easy to pick out one or two shades first. This is a permanent product in their line so there’s no rush to buy them all. Personally, I want to try some of the neutral shades too.


This was sent to me by Mecca Maxima to try out and you can view the entire range on their website, where it is selling for AUD$37. If you live outside of Australia or New Zealand, then you can check out the official Urban Decay website.

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