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It’s summer time in Korea and, naturally, Romand came to us with the goods! The Our Own Summer Pink Collection is fairly compact, consisting of a brand new Better Than Eyes quad in Dry Strawberry as well as two new Juicy Lasting Tints (in Very Berry Pink and Pink Popsicle).

This collection was designed for those with a Cool Summer personal colour (which you can read more about here). The shadows have a natural, soft colour scheme that’s perfect for every day and the tints have a translucent formula that makes it super wearable for different skin tones and depths.

All of these are available at StyleKorean for a limited time only, so pop on over there if you want to pick them up – honestly, Romand is always worth it for me.

And now, let’s get into this review!

Juicy Lasting Tint | USD$10.40 (On sale from USD$13)

The Juicy Lasting Tint is an existing formula from Romand, and definitely a very popular one. Described as a highly pigmented lip tint, this range is characterised by the vibrant colours and juicy, gloss finish. It also claims to leave behind a tint that retains the distinctive, original colour – unlike older formulas which would often stain a generic red or pink.

The original range was inspired by fruits, mainly consisting of bright orange and reds. Since then though, they have actually expanded the range a number of times to introduce some gorgeous MLBB options – but they really did lack in more true pink shades.

This was addressed with the the introduction of the My Own Summer Pink Collection, adding another two unique shades:

  • Very Berry Pink: Juicy, strawberry pink
  • Pink Popsicle: Vibrant, magenta pink


As with all Romand limited edition collections, the packaging actually doesn’t stray too far from their permanent line – making all of the lip products very satisfying to display together!

The Juicy Lasting Tints come in a gloss finish unit carton, both colour coded with either a lighter or deeper pink. It has a picnic inspired print over the front, which is simple but super cute. In comparison to the Be Original Edition, I actually think these don’t look at ‘luxe’ but there’s a certain playful charm in the design still.

Opening it up, you will find the both of the tints now have a monochromatic pink tube design – it’s fairly standard for Romand. The two shades also have a subtle colour variance here: Pink Popsicle uses a lightly darker pink, but it’s hard to differentiate them unless they are placed together.

Overall, the packaging is cute and I appreciate the consistency with their permanent range. However, the design is still quite simple and nothing amazing. I also think that the distinction between the two tubes aren’t clear enough. I can see what they have attempted to do with the colour choice, the two hues capture the nuances in the shades perfectly – it just isn’t the most practical.

Lip swatches: Very Berry Pink (Left) and Pink Popsicle (Right)

Personal Experiences

As you can see from the above swatches, the two tints are distinctly different. They give a vibrant and juicy look, with a glossy finish that’s comfortable and hydrating. Although it doesn’t ‘fill’ the lips like my favourite Glasting Lip Tint, it still gives a gorgeously plump appearance.

Some notes on the two –

Very Berry Pink

  • Colour wise, this a bit softer and more of a strawberry pink.
  • This would be good for those who like a natural, light make up look.
  • Has a sweet, fruity scent (see NOTE)
  • The remaining tint has a warmer, almost red-pink tone

Pink Popsicle

  • A slightly deeper, berry-toned magenta shade
  • This would suit people who want a more playful, bright look.
  • Has a sugary, sweet scent (see NOTE)
  • The remaining tint is deeper, leaning more berry and cool toned

NOTE: I’m writing these from what I can personally smell as I can’t find any information online. These two are very similar though, so I’m not sure if they are actually the same…

I loved that the nuances in the two shades are also captured when they wear off – something which is very accurate to the original product description. I enjoy wearing these two tints but I like Pink Popsicle the best. I have always preferred deeper lip colours on myself and the stronger stain is an extra win for me.

Here’s the verdict!


A vibrant lip tint with a glossy finish


  • Simple packaging that’s easy to carry around
  • Great sweet scents
  • Hydrating and comfortable wear
  • Translucent but vibrant colour pay off, for a very flattering pink tone
  • Nuances in the shades are captured even in the remaining stain


  • Colour variance in the packaging is too subtle


  • PRICE POINT | 5/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • FINISH | 5/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • SHADE RANGE | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5


THOUGHTS? Although this type of glossy tint is not super long-wearing, the colour accurate stain makes it very pretty as it fades. The hydrating finish also lingers; this makes it slightly sticky, but I don’t mind as it also improves the wear time.

I also love the two shades – Romand is really good at developing nuanced shades that suit the k-beauty aesthetic but also have a unique twist. That being said, I don’t think it’s necessary for the average consumer to buy both (unless you really love pink).

Better Than Eyes | USD$14.40 (On sale from USD$18)

The second part of the Our Own Summer Pink Collection is the new Better Than Eyes quad! This is in the shade Dry Strawberry and features four pink toned shades – three mattes and one sparkling shimmer. This is described as having refined particles to blur fine lines and absorb oils, allowing for long-lasting wear and a non-crease formula.

Romand definitely have one of my favourite eyeshadow formulas and, whilst I now have a lot of their palettes, it’s great that they continue to expand on their quad range. They’re small and compact, perfect for daily touch ups.

The four shades included in this quad are:

  • Soft Berry: Pink-beige matte nude
  • Strawberry Milk: Soft, strawberry pink matte
  • Shine Pink: Iridescent glitter with a clear base and light pink, blue and gold reflect
  • Deep Strawberry: Rosy-toned deep brown matte

The colour story is distinctively unique in comparison to the other quads available, but still very wearable for day-to-day.


Similar to the packaging of the permanent range, the Better Than Eyes quad comes in a simple, no-fuss compact that makes it perfect for travelling.

The unit carton uses the same soft pink and picnic-inspired grid pattern as the lip tints, but this time with a soft-touch matte finish – most likely to match the other quads. The typography is cute and, although the print is the same, I really think that the matte finish helps the packaging feel just a little bit more luxe.

Opening it up, you’ll find that the compact has a small milk print on the front – this is actually consistent with their Milk Series so, whilst this is a limited edition collection, I wonder whether these shades will be reintroduced to their permanent line? There isn’t much information I can find on this at the moment but I hope it is!

Aside from that, the compact also has a semi-opaque pink base which helps to differentiate if you have a larger collection. Rather than the usual click closure, which can be difficult to open if you have longer nails, this compact also uses a spring-like closure. It’s very practical and, since it doesn’t have any exposed parts, may be less prone to breakage.

Personal Experiences

As expected from the Romand formula, the matte shades are super soft and smooth. They’re buildable too and shows up very well on application. You can either do a soft wash of colour or build up the depth – but a good eyeshadow primer will also help to boost that pigmentation.

The shimmer is also super light and buttery. It can be worn alone but I find it a little too sparse for my own preferences so I prefer to tap on a glitter glue beneath it. The shade is beautiful regardless and has a stunning multi-colour reflect, so I’m willing to work with it!

This quad is very pretty and I love how it applies on me. It definitely did not disappoint and I’ve always had good experience working with Romand eyeshadows. However, my main complaint would be that the two lighter shades don’t have enough depth variation and they are both quite light – especially if you consider different skin tones. Overall, I feel like this would only work for pale skin.

Here’d the verdict!


An eyeshadow quad with a pink colour scheme (three mattes and one glitter)


  • Colour scheme is unique in the brand’s offerings
  • Compact and travel friendly packaging
  • Super smooth and soft matte formula
  • Buildable with good colour pay-off – would be suitable for different skill levels
  • Beautiful multi-colour glitter


  • Pale colour scheme is not inclusive and will only work for pale skin tones
  • Sparse glitter shade (performs better with a glitter glue)


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 5/5
  • COLOUR STORY | 3/5
  • LONGEVITY | 4/5


THOUGHTS? This quad is really cute and I love the pinks. It’s quite pale overall so I was concerned about how it would apply, but the formula is nicely buildable, blends well and you can also kick up the pigmentation with a good eyeshadow primer. This quad would be great for daily makeup, though it isn’t really suitable for a ‘evening’ look.

As always, I love Romand and I think they’re really pushing the k-beauty make up industry. The formula for both of these are very consistent with their permanent range so, if you have used their products before, you’ll know what to expect. The packaging design and concept wasn’t as strong as I’m used to with their limited edition collections, though it is most likely because this is their own release and not necessarily a collaboration. It’s still pretty but I did hope for something a little more (especially since they have a reputation for some stunning packaging concepts).

I would definitely recommend checking out the Juicy Lasting Tints – they’re really pretty and I find them super flattering (which is a feat, since most pink lip colours look strange on me unless they are deeper). The translucency of the formula means they would flatter many different skin tones and the hydrating finish is super comfortable too.

The Better Than Eyes quad is nice too, but I would only recommend it for people with pale or light skin. I’m not confident that the mattes won’t look ashy on deeper skin tones. However, they do have a great permanent range that I would recommend checking out instead!

Keen to pick these up or check out more from Romand? Head on over to StyleKorean where they are available for a limited time only!

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