This is going to be a quick one, but I really wanted to talk about the new Urban Decay release – in particular, the Heavy Metal Glitter Gels. I had previously tested this out at Meccaland (on my face) and also recently got a sample pot to test it out on my eyes and the formula of this has honestly exceeded all expectations that I have of a glitter gel!

When I recently went to Meccaland though (the beauty festival hosted by Mecca here in Australia), I finally had the excuse to smear this all over my cheekbones! I fell so in love with it that I just had to then try it on my eyes and I have to say that this formula is a step above all typical 90s glitter gels – seriously.

So – read on!

UD Heavy Metal Glitter Gel Mecca

Product Description

According to Urban Decay, this product is “a super-concentrated, hyper-reflective glitter gel for your eyes, body, and face.” It is inspired by their best-selling heavy metal glitter eye gels from the early 200s, but in an improved and contemporary formula. This “super-pigmented, high-coverage formula suspends hyper-reflective glitter in a non-sticky, water-based gel.”

This product is designed for use on the face, body and eyes (yes – this super reflected glitter gel is indeed eye safe) and can be applied with either a brush or – most likely – your finger tips. It is long wearing and claims to have up to 9 hours stay with minimal fall out.

Of course, when it comes to glitters, being able to remove it properly is the most important. The glitters used in this product are non-biodegradable and so they recommend removing it with a cotton pad before washing your face in order to keep the glitter out of the ocean. Personally, I found that a good make up wipe also works fine and the product removed with ease for me!

UD Heavy Metal Glitter Gel Mecca
To be honest, the more I look at this photo, the more I don’t understand – they don’t reflect the actual shades! I would refer to the below for colour reference and this photo more of the product finish.

Shade Range

This Heavy Metal Glitter Gel currently comes in six different shades, ranging from a more subtle iridescent glitter to a bold traditional glitter type. The particles can be smaller or larger depending on the colour so, while the below photos are a good indication of the shade range, I would still recommend going in store to actually see them in real life. Colours are as follows:

  • Disco Daydream: Iridescent Silver Glitter (in my opinion, this is more of a traditional silver chunky glitter than iridescent)
  • Distortion: Iridescent Glitter
  • Dream Land: Iridescent Peach Glitter with Blue Shift
  • Party Monster: Lilac Glitter with Reflective Holographic Shift (looks more blue but does have a lilac reflect)
  • Saturday Stardust: Iridescent Pink
  • Soul Love: Aqua Blue Glitter

Personal Thoughts

As I mentioned, I tried out this product at Meccaland (it was a pre-launch at the time) and I was really surprised by the formula – it didn’t pick up any of my foundation underneath it, applied super easily and also stayed really well on my skin. Even though I was sweating quite a lot (as I do every time I am in a crowded place), it stayed adhered to my face and there was very minimal movement. It was also essentially weightless on my skin and removed with a single make up wipe.

Since I don’t usually get the opportunity to wear glitter like that, I wanted to try it out on my eyes before making a purchase decision. I tried out the Distortion shade, which is still my favourite out of the lot, since it can work with most of my casual eye looks and is also easy to ‘tone down’ for work. Although there was a little bit of fall out my mid day (extremely minor) the glitter was generally really comfortable on my eyes. Even when I applied with a heavy hand, there was no discomfort – not even at my eye lid fold where the glitter would generally sit into my crease.

It stayed adhered to my eyes for the entire work day and didn’t remove until I went in with a make up wipe afterwards. On the eyes, it does take a little bit more work to get it off but overall wasn’t hard at all.

For myself, I definitely want to pick up some of these glitters – in particular Distortion but I am also partial to Saturday Stardust and Party Monster, which has a finer iridescent glitter that would work best over purple or blue cool toned shadows. I think that I will wait until I have an event to pick these up though since they aren’t limited edition items (I think) and I really don’t want them to dry up before I get the chance to use them.

You can check out these Heavy Metal Glitter Gels on the official Urban Decay website (for USD$22) or Australians can head straight over to Mecca Maxima where they are now in stock for AUD$33 each!

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