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2020 was the year that I fell head over heels in love with Romand. I first tried them out in 2018 but they totally blew me away last year when they collaborated with one of my favourite Korean brands Neonmoon – you can check out my raving review of it here.

Of course they continued from strength-to-strength and, not long after that, I was completely taken by the Be Original Edition (also known as the Hanbok Collection)! This was a collaboration with the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (K-Heritage), and is inspired by the beautiful textiles and elegance of the Hanbok. I’m a bit of a geek and I adore traditional Asian garments, so I loved the aesthetics and style of this. The design actually reminded me a lot of the Jeonju Hanok Village, where I visited quite a few years ago!

That being said, I did get onto this collection a bit late so I don’t have everything here. More products are available on the StyleKorean website though. For today, I’ll be reviewing the See Through Veilighter and the Glasting Water Tints. You can also find the See Through Melting Cheek, See Through Matte Tint and the Clear Cover Cushion (the blush has been quite raved out and I definitely want to check it out).

Make sure to check out the StyleKorean website to pick these up, but let’s get into this review first!

Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review
See Through Veilighter in Moon Kissed Veil (Left) and Sun Kissed Veil (Right)

See Through Veilighter | USD$9.80 (discounted from USD$14)

The See Through Veilighter is the first highlighter that I’ve tried from Romand and I adore it. It is described as a weightless and non-flaking formula that claims to ‘melt’ onto skin for a natural glow. It also contains an oil based emollient (specifically Neopentyl Glycol Diethylhexanoate) which smooths over your complexion.

It has a super smooth and silky formula which is technically a powder but has a slight creaminess. With a mostly translucent base, it also applies with a fine shimmer and a coloured pearlescent reflect. This actually reminds me a lot of the Cherry Blossom Luminizer from Innisfree before, but with a more natural shimmer (where that one was more metallic).

Depending on your undertone and make up preferences, this highlighter comes in two shades:

  • Moon Kissed Veil: Pink, cool toned
  • Sun Kissed Veil: Rosy champagne, warm toned
Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review


These highlighters come in large, rectangular packaging with a transparent front. I really like the semi-opaque coloured base; the translucency gives a soft appeal that really matches this collection’s aesthetic. The front also has a subtle traditional print which seems to be inspired by some of the traditional symbols or patterns that are embroidered onto the Hanbok. It’s such a subtle design but I love it so much!

Quality wise, the material is nice too. It closes smoothy and clicks into place, with a sturdy transparent front (not bending if I press down). My only gripe is that it’s a bit hard to open, especially because I have gel nails. I have to use a nail file to open it up but this might not be an issue for other people. At least it’s secure though!

All in all, I think the packaging is nice and I love how the design subtly ties in with the Hanbok inspiration! I’m usually not a fan of clear fronts but it works in this instance – the actual product pan is quite pretty to look at and the sturdy quality prevents this from looking too drugstore. The hint of colour in the back also works well. The Veilighter would be a nice one to use for travelling too since the compact is relatively light, simple and non-bulky.

Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review
Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review
Moon Kissed Veil (Top) and Sun Kissed Veil (Bottom)

Personal Experiences

Above are the swatches of the two highlighters and, as you can see, the shades are pretty different! That being said, the reflect was quite hard to capture on camera as they do have a more distinctive pink vs champagne colour to them, so I would say that the above photo is only partially accurate (depending on the angle and lighting).

The formula is shimmery but still feels natural. I find them quite wearable as part of my everyday make up routine. I also like that it has a slight emollience to the formula which prevents it from becoming too glittery or sparse.

The formula definitely delivers on claims of being lightweight and ‘smoothing’ over my skin – it didn’t accent any skin texture at all. The reflect is super beautiful and doesn’t create any shadow or gray cast effect – the (mostly) clear base works well with my skin tone. I’m not sure how these will work for darker skin tones though, as they are light and might pull ashy.

Overall, I’m really happy with these and reach for both shades interchangeably. I don’t think that I’ve seen highlighters in the permanent Romand range yet but I hope they release more. The concept of this formula (being a ‘veil’) is perfect for the Hanbok collection but would be so great to build on!

Here’s the verdict!


A smooth, silky highlighter with a fine shimmering finish


  • Great price point
  • Sturdy compact case
  • Mostly clear base with no gray cast
  • Silky smooth texture that glides over skin
  • Does not accent texture
  • Does not look sparse or glittery
  • Natural, buildable glow


  • Compact can be hard to open
  • Limited shade range (might not work for darker skin tones)


  • PRICE POINT | 5/5
  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • SHADES & REFLECT | 5/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5


THOUGHTS? Honestly, this highlighter is absolutely gorgeous and it joins the Innisfree Illuminator as one of my favourite kbeauty highlighters! I can see that I’ll be reaching for it very often – I especially love the Moon Kissed Veil shade. Since this isn’t in the permanent range (that I know of), I would highly recommend picking it up as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out. With the current sale, the price point is great too!

If you have the Innisfree Illuminator and you’re considering this, please note the following key differences:

  • These have a coloured reflect (pink or champagne) whilst the Innisfree has a pale pink, almost white reflect.
  • These have a finer, shimmery finish with a slight pearl, whilst the Innisfree is more glittery

Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review

Glasting Water Tint | USD$9.80 (discounted from USD$14)

For fans of glossy, hydrated lips and some gorgeously pigmented shades, you might be interested in the Glasting Water Tint! I first tried these out as part of the Moonlight Edition and they have easily become one of my favourite formulas – they are my brand new go-to and I’m very happy and there are some brand new shades in this Be Original Edition too.

This is a lightweight lip tint with a dewy finish and rich pigmentation. It has a smooth texture that creates a translucent film over your lips to give a plump and fresh appearance, as well as a non-sticky finish. Unlike typical Water Tints (which I personally dislike), these have a slight gel-like viscosity.

The range from this collection consists of four shades, all of which seem to be new and exclusive to the Hanbok Edition:

  • #10 Chija Beige – A dainty beige for a subtle dose of color
  • #11 Pumpkin Brown – A radiant brown with a drop of orange
  • #12 Omija Red – A skin illuminating deep red
  • #13 Berry Violet – A calm violet for a healthy glow
Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review
Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review


This collection of the Glasting Lip Tints come in very similar packaging to the original tubes, with the only difference being the colour and print. The tubs have a simple shape with an opaque body and translucent twist-on cap. There’s nothing too significant about them but I personally like the simplicity – it also makes them rather satisfying to look at when you have a big collection (which I will likely end up with).

All four of the tints come in different coloured tubes of muted pink, cream, gray and green – it definitely matches the Hanbok concept well. It also features the traditional print (such as on the See Through Veilighter) in a subtle, raised ink all over the tube – it’s understated and absolutely beautiful.

The only complaint I have about the packaging is that it doesn’t relate to the product at all. It’s understandable that they couldn’t use the exact shades, but I would have preferred they use muted versions of corresponding colours – this would make it a lot easier to pick out in the morning!

Romand Hanbok Collection - Glasting Lip Tint and Highlighter - StyleKorean Kbeauty Review
Swatches from top to bottom: #10 Chija Beige, #11 Pumpkin Brown, #12 Omija Red and #13 Berry Violet.

Personal Experiences

As I previously mentioned – I love this formula and I’m really happy to be adding to my collection. The dewy finish is comfortable and flattering too, and I also like that it leaves a fairly visible stain afterwards. The Glasting Water Tint is prone to transferring, as is expected from this type of formula, but the stain helps the lips maintain a hint of colour between reapplications.

I also really enjoy this slightly gel-like texture, which is thinner than a gloss but thicker than a typical ‘water’ tint. It doesn’t dry out the lips at all, but is also easy to build up pigment for a gradient look. Compared to thinner lip tints too, this doesn’t bleed at all!

Overall, I’m super happy with these. The colours are also very beautiful. Chija Beige and Pumpkin Brown can be a bit similar but there’s still a good variation of depth and tones. I’ll be looking forward to collecting more of this formula too.

And, here’s the verdict!


A lightweight, dewy lip tint with a smooth, non-sticky finish


  • Beautiful packaging design
  • Shape of the tube is consistent with other collections
  • Good variety in colour tones and depth
  • Comfortable and flattering finish
  • Leaves a visible stain for between applications
  • Non-sticky and smooth
  • No bleeding and non-drying


  • Colour of tubes don’t correspond to the shades
  • Transfers and glossiness fades with any eating or drinking


  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • FINISH | 5/5
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • LONGEVITY | 3/5


THOUGHTS? Although I had previously reviewed this product, I’m happy that I’m able to rate this higher this time! Since I am able to review all four shades in this, I am much more impressed with the shade variation. The sale price of this is also really good and I would definitely recommend to take advantage of this.

All in all, I’m very happy with this formula and will continue to use and purchase these! Although they aren’t as long lasting as some others, the finish is just super comfortable so I don’t mind reapplying it at all.

And that’s my review on the Be Original Edition from Romand – unless I end up buying up the rest of the collection of course! Again, I’m super impressed by the brand; they have some great formulations and products. Most of these tend to be repackaged or released in limited edition colours for collaborations, but they always do amazing collaborations too so… it makes me very happy!

Their permanent collection looks great but, personally, I just look forward to collecting this special ones. Make sure to also check out my review on the Rom&ntic Moonlight Collection – some of it is still available on StyleKorean too and you absolutely don’t want to miss out on it!

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