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The beauty industry moves fast and there are new release products coming out almost every day. With the prominence of social media, it’s also impossible to deny how important packaging is. Whilst the actual formula and product is still the most important, you can’t have a successful product unless you’re nice to look at too! That’s my opinion anyway.

In this list, I’ll be sharing with you some gorgeous packaging and also why I love them (from both a designer and consumer perspective). Consider this a gift guide or even a shopping guide for when you’re wanting to make your next purchase.

As reference, I love packaging design that is unique, speaks well to the brand identity but is also practical and highly functional. So, don’t expect me to be listing pizza shapes eyeshadow palettes or chunky, cat paw lipsticks though – no one has the time (or vanity space) for that!

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article

Pat McGrath

What is it: Mothership IX Eyeshadow Palette: Huetopian Dream

Price: USD$125

Where to get it: Official Pat McGrath Website | Sephora

Whilst I have technically listed the Huetopian Palette, all of the Mothership range is beautifully packaged. It features a unique, dreamy artwork on the unit carton, each one exclusive to their respective palette, and small gold foil detailing for that extra touch. However, the beauty doesn’t stop there. Once you open it up, you will find that the actual palette has a heavy black gloss case with a bevel detailed mirror – absolutely gorgeous and definitely reflects the higher price tag.

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article


What is it: Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette

Price: USD$62

Where to get it: Official Florasis Website

This went absolutely viral online and you can definitely see why. From the neatly cut unit carton to the holographic details on the outer packaging, this palette is very pretty… but the real magic is inside. Featuring nine shades inspired by traditional Chinese make up, each pan is delicately embossed with a panoramic artwork – from the hero phoenix to the smaller birds that surround it, you’ll find yourself lost in the detail. But trust me, you’ll have a hard time putting a brush to this!

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article

Kaleidos Makeup

What is it: The Escape Pod

Price: USD$42

Where to get it: Official Kaleidos Makeup Website

Another Chinese brand that is absolutely killing the game, The Escape Pod is, in my opinion, a brilliant example of simple packaging done brilliantly. This book case style palette features a vibrant, abstract artwork on the front which is strongly in line with the brand’s identity, and then opens up to a clean grid of shadows. Whilst the form is very simple, small details like the raised ‘platform’ and the simple frame around the mirror really elevate this design. I also love the pale lilac colour used for the internals – it is both cohesive with the rest of the packaging and subtle enough that it won’t clash with the shadows.

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article


What is it? Basically any collaboration they do

Price: Varies

Where to get it: StyleKorean | YesStyle

Whilst their permanent lines are beautifully packaged too, Romand really comes into their creative element. The shape and form of their product packaging is always simple and consistent – no matter what collection you shop from, they will look cohesive when displayed together (same size, same shape etc). Instead, Romand often experiments with fun graphics, colours and even conceptual unit carton designs – see the above stereo case! These collaborations are very limited and go quickly, so check out their site (or retailers) to see what’s the latest.


What is it: Neo Cushion

Price: Varies

Where to get it: StyleKorean | YesStyle

I’ve been collection Laneige cushion cases for years. Having seen the evolution of their design, I can confidently say that their Neo Cushion is an absolute stand out for me. Functional and simple, the concept of a cushion foundation allows for easy application and retouching of foundation on the go – it’s very popular in k-beauty and, by itself, no longer a revolutionary idea. However, the aesthetics of the Neo Cushion are next level with its super sleek, rounded design and muted pastel colour scheme – it’s modern, high-end and luxe all in one package.

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article


What is it: Rose Powder Blushes

Price: Around USD$12 (AUD$21)

Where to get it: Official Milani Website | BeautyBay

Super pretty and definitely won’t break the bank – the Rose Powder Blushes have a unique, three-dimensional rose pan design that is absolutely stunning to look at. The even colour distribution means that the shape does not impact application at all, and the dimensional design also allows for the product to retain the rose form even after moderate use. Whilst the prettiness can’t last forever, it lasts long enough that it won’t break your heart to take a brush to it.

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article

MAC Cosmetics

What is it: Love Me Liquid Lip Colour

Price: USD$24 (AUD$42)

Where to get it: Official MAC Cosmetics Website (Australia)

As a follow up from the Love Me Lipstick, the packaging design for the Love Me Liquid Lip Colour met all of my expectations. The form of the tube is sleek and simple, making it easy to store and carry around. It also features the metallic gradient used by the original bullet lipstick, helping to divide the range into colour families. Where the functionality really stands out is in the addition of a second gradient – from a solid black to clear, this tube allows you to see the actual shade inside the tube too. The placement is slick and looks so cohesive with the rest of the design!

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article

Urban Decay

What is it: All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder

Price: USD$34

Where to get it: Official Urban Decay Website

The All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder and a design that perfectly balancing functionality and style. It has a slim, lightweight compact that features a magnetic closure and full size mirror, making it great for touch ups during the day. The textural water droplet design also fits in perfectly with the ‘All Nighter’ range and is such a stand out, unique design. It’s a great example of Urban Decay‘s brand aesthetic and style.

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article

Yves Saint Laurent

What is it: Tatouage Couture Matte Stain

Price: USD$36 (AUD$62)

Where to get it: YSL Beauty (Australia) | AdoreBeauty

Easily one of my favourite products from the YSL Beauty line, this is a stand out even within their own range. It features the signature YSL black and gold, with a frosted clear tube that speaks to the ‘matte stain’ formula. I love that the shade is very easily visible but the biggest selling point is the unique, paddle applicator – it allows for quick and precise application, whether you’re at home or on the go.

10 Gorgeous Make Up Products - Beauty Feature Article

Fenty Beauty

What is it: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

Price: USD$36 (AUD$57)

Where to get it: Fenty Beauty | Sephora (Australia)

And finally, it’s the product that really sold me on the Fenty Beauty brand – their Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter. The octagonal shape of this compact has truly become their most recognisable signature and is featured on their entire one. My favourite thing was the use of duo ‘split’ design, where both shades had a distinctively different finish but were curated to suit the same skin tones. It’s essentially a ‘two-in-one’, which is a perfect option for those who hardly ever pan their highlighters (i.e. me). For those wanting more unique, striking shades though, those are also available in single pan compacts and are often brought out as minis too.

And there you have it, ten absolutely gorgeous make up products that you just might want to add to your vanity. Have you tried any of these products before or has something on this list especially caught your eye? Let me know down below your thoughts and opinions on the packaging design – I’d love to hear it!

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